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Heart racer reviews

23 reviews
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23 reviews

While I love the shape of the Heart Racer for stimulating me in a hard to reach place, overall it's not a toy I would invest in. The low price is a selling point for someone just getting into bedroom accessories, but my advice is to spend a little extra and purchase something more powerful and better made. The cheap plastic doesn't seem terribly sturdy, and I'll count myself lucky that it hasn't broken yet.

The Heart Racer is perfect for additional clitoral stimulation during sex. It's easy to hold and maneuver and can be used with either partner on top. It's waterproof, nice to look at, and made out of a safe and durable plastic.

This toy isn't for everyone. If you're looking for a beginner toy that is inexpensive, the toy will be a great start for you. For those who have tried vibrators before, I would suggest a different toy.

If your are looking for a vibrator that can get you to the finish and fit within a lean budget, this is the toy for you.

I love this line of toys, and would recommend them to anyone. They are easy to use and powerful. That's not to mention the fact that they have a great price tag on them, too.

Coming in at under $15.00, this vibrator is definately worth the money! This toy adds a lot to our bedroom escapades and will to yours as well.

The Heart racer might be cheap, but for what it offers it’s an excellent buy. It’s powerful, waterproof, and very easy to operate. It’s a great choice for a beginner! It was one of my first vibrators and I really liked it. You can use the heart for stimulation or use the back smooth side. There are a lot of options with this toy! This toy will be a win-win for most people.

A perfect toy for anyone who prefers clitoral stimulation in or out of the shower/bath, espically if they are looking for one that will give them a powerful direct climax.

A strong, quiet, affordable, and nice looking clitoral vibrator... what more could you ask for! Works better than many of the more expensive vibrator I have bought. Great for use during foreplay and sex, this vibrator does it all!

If you are a clit vibe-aholic and you like cute vibes, this one fits both bills. Great vibrations directly on the clit lead to a quick and easy orgasm. Pair it with a good gspot vibe and YES PLEASE. Don't be fooled by the looks of it, the vibrations are pretty decent, even on a clit of steel like mine.

Overall, Heart Racer is a strong vibe and great value for the money. Unfortunately, we were disappointed that the speed control broke very easily - leaving us with a 3-speed vibrator. Despite that, it is more powerful than some luxury vibes, such as the Lelo Liv, but definitely does not offer the versatility and finesse that other vibes do.

The Heart Racer's strong vibrations and body-smart design target your clit perfectly and is easy to use by yourself as well as during sex.

This is a versatile vibrator that can be used in any way you like. The heart shaped head means it is probably geared more to the female user, but as you will learn, this is fun for partner play as well.

I love the heart racer; it is just the most perfect clitoral/G-spot toy. It comes in different colors and delivers one hell of a punch. I will be ordering a backup for just in case. Every woman should have at least one.

This is a great clitoral vibrator if you like something rigid that buzzes your clit. The handle is wonderfully ergonomic. I came like a gun going off. If you like the shape, I say: go for it!

This is my favorite toy of any I have ever had. I'm going to miss it. It worked well, the small tip made it easy to reach my sensitive areas, and the twist tip makes it easy to control the vibrations. It also lasts a long time and does not guzzle batteries, which makes it a great addition to my toy collection.

I think this toy is really worth the money that it is. You can use it for many other places where you couldn't use another toy. I wasn't disappointed with at all! I thought it was fabulous.

Want a toy that will make you tremble and quake? One that will make your heart race? Look no further. This toy is great for couples and for those of you who enjoy your "me time". The Heart Racer takes your breath away and leaves your knees weak. Just like a first love.

It is worth it. It is very much worth it. As my (one or two) readers know, I have difficulty orgasming; the Heart Racer is my new best friend.

This is a very fun and affordable vibrator with a wide range of uses. It worked great as a g-spot vibrator and a clitoral vibrator. We're going to test it next as a prostate massager. We like this one.

The best toy I own, still, to this day. Lots of power in a small package, and for a great price at only $14.

Great for anyone wanting a little jump start! Best used with a partner and it doesn't provide enough action to get the job done on it's own.

Inexpensive and delightfully versatile, this is a good first toy or a good way to try out G-spot stimulation. In the shower or with a partner, try this toy out to get off clitorally or with G-spot stimulation!

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