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Insepera balls Insepera balls

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Insepera balls reviews

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13 reviews

I had fun exploring my first balls with the Inspera Balls by NMC Ltd.! The design is great even if the seams were a little shabby, but not enough to count the toy out altogether. The vibrations took me by surprise with how powerful they were and the balls are very light. It was fun to use the vibrating balls on different parts of the body at the same time with the dual balls. I will be keeping this product in rotation for a while.

Clackers were cool, kept you amused for hours and were simple, cheap entertainment. A little noisy and irritating to those not involved in making the balls hit each other--but they were for personal amusement and not spectator enjoyment.... The same can be said for the Insepera Balls. Only these vibrate, and there is the challenge!! Like Clackers, they can keep you entertained and the noise....still too irritating for spectators.

This toy is a unique one. The vibrating balls can be used just about anywhere. Cleaning is a bit difficult since it isn't waterproof and it is a bit loud. However, it provides great simulation to the clitoris and feels even better when also using a dildo or vaginal vibrator.

First time bullet buyer? Then you are in the right place! If not, you may want to keep looking for something that has a bit more to offer then this great beginners toy!

Overall, I wouldn't have bought this toy and I'm glad I didn't. That said, if you appreciate an incredibly quiet vibe and light vibrations, then this is the toy for you.

I was excited to try them and I wanted to love them, but these didn't really do anything at all for me. I'm glad I got them as a free gift and didn't buy them. They did give me ideas, though, and for that, I thank them!! I'm probably going to throw them away now and shop for a new double bullet vibe.

The balls have a big noticeable seam that is very uncomfortable during use. Though I guess you get what you pay for, this is cheep and now I know why. Also, this only comes in one color. Not the best toy on the market, because of the seams, I'm not sure it is even worth the $10. Keep looking!

The Insepera balls are cute and an option for beginners or those who want to try bullets that have different shapes. It's truly average in all other aspects, though.

If you like any power and need quiet when using your toys, you will probably want to pass on this one. It doesn't have much power, which it too bad as the length of the cord is a definite plus to them.

Don't set your hopes to high for this one, unless the noise is something you like. I will keep it around due the fact my husband likes it, but I will not be using it for my own satisfaction.

Overall, this was an underwhelming item. It really just didn't "do it" for me and isn't that exactly what a girl wants from her toy?

These balls are an interesting addition to an egg or bullet lover's collection, and would make an excellent first bullet/egg type vibe for the beginner. The surface buzz type vibrations may not please everyone, but the strength may very well do more than please the average user. I also feel like these could be used for vaginal exercise and stimulation for the exhibitionists out there - if you can find a way to hide the cord! The only reason it gets 4 stars is because I prefer deeper vibrations.

A powerful bullet toy but probably not necessary if you already have a great bullet. The spherical shape was a nice difference, and I appreciated the versatility that they allowed. Having two bullets is definitely better than one.

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