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Lucid dream no. 5 reviews

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Lucid Dream No.5 was quite disappointing to me. Compared to Lucid Dream No.14, the vibrations were quite weak. The only thing this toy has going for it, is the unique texture.

Overall, it's not a bad little egg for the price. I would recommend it to somebody starting out and/or experimenting with eggs for the first time. It does suffer from a problem I have found across the lower priced corded toys I have tried. The cord is prone to shorting out where it enters the jelly shell. BUT, it is an inexpensive device and easily replaced.

There's always the possibility I got a dud, and if that's the case, then I have to say this toy can be great for external stimulation and possibly someone who is a bit more sensitive internally. But with my personal experience, it was mediocre and could have been made a lot better. They say you get what you pay for, and in this case, it's true. Spend the extra dollar and get something more reliable. A little more can go a long way.

This product may be worth the small price-tag if you don't like strong vibrations. It can be used when other toys are recharging or if you find yourself in a pinch; be careful with the cord though, it's easily broken. Some may enjoy how gentle it can be while others may see that as it's biggest flaw. It all depends what you like. For me it was a letdown, but I like my toys like I like my men: strong, sexy, and powerful!

Looking for a toy for foreplay that can be inserted and used to tease yourself or a partner? Then you should try the Lucid Dream No. 5 vibrating egg. It will give new meaning to the phrase "sunny side up"!

This is a good product, for some. The vibrations are weak, but I do need strong vibrations. If you're sensitive to vibrations and love large bullets, this is for you! Besides the size, I'd recommend this to beginners. If you’re looking for something that makes to go “OHH” this isn't it, walk away. It is good for a tease though.

A very well made, inexpensive golden yellow egg is hard to come by. The Lucid Dream No. 5 is all of these things, not to mention that it's quiet and waterproof! Great for beginners and advanced users alike, I suggest this golden egg for those who want a nice warm up toy or who are sensitive to vibrations.

The Lucid Dreams No. 5 is great experience for beginners. A great first time jelly toy to learn the care and the feel of this material. I would never have known that jelly could feel this way until I tried it. However, if you are looking for something to make your teeth chatter, this is not the one. Make sure you are gentle with the lucid egg, it is not built for wild crazy foreplay.

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