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Luv your body reviews

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Give this a try for excellent clit stimulation. It's a bit big for insertion so maybe pair a nice silicone dildo with it for the ride of your life.

The Luv your body is like a perfect first lover: gentle but firm and with the know-how to get you there if you're up for pleasurable and gradual lovin'. The Luv your body will untense your sore muscles, cup your breasts, and massage your clit. Oh yeah, and it will follow you into the tub or shower. It's such a romantic that it might even bring candles. Luv your body is such a sweetheart, and with all of its talents, it is the perfect gift for yourself or your own sweetheart.

The Luv Your Body vibrator by Rocks Off is a great, all round, versatile vibrator. It can be used platonically or sexually to relieve tension and stimulate. It takes 4 triple As, so has a decent amount of strength and is fully waterproof. Great for travel and complete with a great storage box, it makes a great gift.

If new to massagers, Luv could be an affordable starting choice. She is strong, waterproof, and offers multiple functions. As long as your okay with her battery requirements, she might be a good match for you.

Generally I don't like wands of any type cause they're just too intense and too buzy. The Luv Your Body wand is powerful, but it has a deeper vibration than other wands. I think it's absolutely adorable too and the shape plus the vibrations works really well for me. The biggest problem for me was that it's loud enough to make me nervous when I have roommates, but otherwise it's pretty great.

Luv your body is a cute heart shaped general massager. It is waterproof, pretty powerful, and has a unique slanted design. I recommend this vibrator if you love broader stimulation. I prefer pinpointed stimulation so we didn’t really jive well. However, I think this a great buy and recommend it to you if you are considering it. This vibrator is truly unique!

The ergonomic wand style vibrator fits perfectly over any curve of your body and is capable of applying powerful broad or pinpoint vibrations with a partner or without. I really enjoy using this toy during intercourse and it is VERY powerful, unfortunately because it is so strong the vibrations are quite loud and can be felt all throughout the handle.

Luv My Body is a great sexual stimulator or massager. It has a powerful motor and is fully waterproof. I would suggest this as a massage gift basket item, it is discreet and pretty. I love my Luv, and you will too! Play with it in the water, give your partner an amazing massage or give this with water based massage oil to the bride to be!

Don't Be Still, My Beating Heart!

This adorable toy has already massaged its way in to my heart, via my clitoris! Compared to some of the smaller, buzzy, and more expensive handheld stimulators on the market that I own, this one "beats" them all, hands down!

The Luv Your Body is a great all around toy. It is particularly good for those who like very strong toys. It's design is great for massaging sore muscles and for clitoral stimulation. It's a toy that will likely work well for a lot of people. It has quickly become one of my favorites and one that will want to keep around for a long time.

The Luv is the perfect excuse to stop, relax, and "luv" your body. Not only does it provide excellent clitoral stimulation, but it easily glides over the rest of the body to relieve tight, aching muscles. The size and shape is ideal for these purposes. This is a very well thought out toy and a great addition to anyone's toy collection. There's no reason not to love the Luv!

I'm Luving This Body!

The Luv Your Body vibrator offers a good chunk of the usual luxury-vibrator features - but at a much more affordable price. With a cute design, good vibrations, and body-safe materials, the Luv Your Body vibrator is a good choice for those who want to try silicone and good vibrations without the expensive price.

The Luv Your Body massager is definitely the most powerful vibrator I have ever used. Its low setting is at the same level as the high setting on other vibrators. However, the curved design of this toy lets me fully massage just about any area of my body. I love that it fits perfectly over my shoulder to massage my sore muscles!

The Luv is an exceptional 2-in-1 waterproof, luxury toy from its innovative design, expensive feel, smooth feminine contours, and angled head; to the ultimate pleasure it gives. This will suit everyone even if it's only used for muscle relaxation. A first time toy user will LUV the increasing speeds & pinpoint pressure; an advanced toy user will LUV extra power & intense rumbly vibes. A perfect luxurious gift for any girl, or just to say I LUV you!

The Luv Your Body has one of the best shapes for solo play and for solo body massages. It's quiet, but still has some power to it.

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