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Sex in the Shower waterproof mini massager reviews

21 reviews
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21 reviews

This waterproof pocket rocket is a great toy for anyone but most importantly beginners. If you are looking for an inexpensive clitoral stimulator with strong vibrations this little rocket of joy is perfect for you.

This single battery vibe works amazingly, but toss that spiney head -- unless you want to use it as a neck massager.

Although this toy has flaws just like any other, for the price it is a very good little toy, especially for beginners, that gets the job done! I would definitely recommend this toy to someone not wanting to spend a lot and looking for nothing too big!

This is probably the best beginner toy I've ever used, but it's got strong enough vibrations that I'd recommend it to an advanced user as well, especially with the great price tag. It might not be unique or particularly flashy, but it gets the job done.

This toy is definitely worth it. It is one of our favorites. The interchangeable heads let us change up the experience, and the small sizing is perfect for taking it almost anywhere.

I would have to say, for the price, this is a good toy to buy. The mini massager has strong vibrations, and its size is perfect. Besides its four attachments, it doesn't have any special tricks. It always leaves me smiling though.

This toy was an ok toy for clitoral play. I would suggest if you looking for a first toy or just something to combine with another toy, that's cheap. I feel it was a nice tease but nothing more.

Handy little gadget for a quick massage, small and discreet. Good strength for a small little device and fun colors.

The water proof mini is honestly one of the best starter toys for anyone. It offers great vibrations for its price and is discretely quiet. The toy offers great versatility in the places you can use it, in the home and on the body. The toy only has a few small cons, but they can be over looked when being used.

I really don't think this item is worth the time or effort of purchasing unless, like I said above, you're looking for a back or neck massage.

This little vibe is totally worth the small cost because of its versatility. It may not be the strongest vibe, but when it comes to a little quickie in the bath, sometimes it’s more about accessibility than power. Slim, small enough to use with just one hand (some toys aren't!) and incredibly discreet, this little vibe has it all!

This is a very basic beginner's pocket rocket. Great for a first toy but not so great if you want something newer and more powerful.

This is a great toy for a first time toy user. It comes with 4 different attachments allow you to customize it to your liking. This toy is easy to travel with and quiet when in use. This is your typical plastic pocket rocket but I found it to not stand up to long time use.

I have got to say that the Sex in the shower mini massager is by far my most favorite clitoral vibrator! With the different textured caps and high speed, it definitely leaves your toes curling! It is great to use alone or with someone as they will also enjoy the strong vibrations it sends off. The only disappointment I have with this vibrator is the noise. Unfortunately you are able to hear it through a closed door.

I would recommend this vibrator to any beginners or experienced sex toy owners as a nice feature or back-up to their sex toy collection.

I would recommend this as a nice, low cost, waterproof addition to your toy box. The waterproof capability makes this short-lived vibrator worth replacing a few times. I got to where I only used it in the shower or bath. Excellent, safe vibrator for women who are 'squirters'! And works great on sore shoulder muscles or tight neck muscles, also. Good value.

The Waterproof Mini Massager is a moderately powerful vibrator that is fun for use in the shower. It has a simple design and four changeable heads to provide a variety of sensation.

Although it is small and looks like a fun toy with all the different heads, it is really loud and annoying when you are trying to be discreet.

I would say this toy is worth it. You can cum quick or slow, whichever you prefer, and it is easy to use. I would suggest it as more of a starter toy though.

The only thing the Mini really excels at is mediocrity. For every pro, there is a con. However, for every con, there is a pro. Ultimately, for the price, you could make poorer choices in life. If you need a little something extra to get you off during sex and aren't looking to spend a fortune or intimidate your boyfriend, this will definitely do the trick. Good 'starter' toy.

This is a very small, cute little toy. It breaks easily, is pretty loud and doesn't vibrate much at all.

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