Relationship Enrichment Systems Exotic musk - Sensual kit from Relationship Enrichment Systems

Exotic musk Sensual kit by Relationship Enrichment Systems
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"The best of both worlds, this kit combines a massage game with the sensual lotions and oils it was tailored for.

The pungent exotic musk blend is a great aphrodisiac to start off with, and it will leave you and your partner feeling supple and pampered.

The silky smooth, vitamin-enriched floral musk massage oil is also quite fragrant and makes an excellent non-greasy skin moisturizer.

The wood musk body and massage lotion is also enriched with vitamins, and aloe vera as well for extra softness.

""Enhance your sensual massage with chocolate cafe edible warming oil with vitamin E."" You'll love this one; it warms with friction or when you blow on it, and it even tastes great!

And last but not least--the most fun part of the kit: the game card has a spinning arrow that randomizes how you have to give a massage, with what part of your body, and on what part of your partner's body, making this limitless kit one you won't be getting tired of anytime soon.


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