Kheper Games Fantasy affairs - Adult game from Kheper Games

Fantasy affairs Adult game by Kheper Games
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Product summary and comments by Cpl4fun


A nice way to bring a little Role-Playing in the bedroom! Make sure you're ready to put on a whole new personality!

Catalog ID: KGBGR156

UPC: 825156107492

  • Design

    1 lb
    The set includes:
    • 1 17in. x 17in. game board
    • 36 fantasy affair cards
    • 36 creative kiss cards
    • 104 heart cards
    • 10 heart tokens
    • 2 game markers
    • 1 die
    • and game rules in both english and in spanish
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    • not sure...would have to know how this is played.
    • I've been wanting to play a game! I love the heart shaped design on the board.
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