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Indecent proposals Adult game by Little Genie
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It's the game where sexual fantasies are bought and sold. Indecent Proposals™ takes you on a wild right through the high stakes world of buying and selling various sexual activities where even the losers benefit. The object of the game is to make enough money to pay for sex and players accumulate that money by selling sexual favors to their opponents. By making your way around the game board, you land on different colored silhouettes, with each one representing a different category, and different activity card to pick up. These categories range from simple massage and spooning, to oral sex and beyond. Each activity has a set price, and the player can either choose to sell or buy the activity. The game ends when one player lands directly on the "Indecent Proposals" square and as acquired enough money to buy that activity.

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    1 lb
    The set includes:
    • Game board
    • Activity cards
    • Play money
    • Game tokens
    • Dice
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    Special Features:
    • Bachelor party
    • Bachelorette party
    • Birthday party
    • Wedding party

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