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Love is art kit

Love is art kit
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Seriously, this is great. It'll make you and your partner laugh because it comes out cold. This is like adult finger painting!

Enjoy yourselves. Unless you've done this before, this will definitely be a learning experience, not just in the sense of how this works but also how you work during sex.

Please enjoy this and have as much fun with it as I did with my partner.


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Covers the cleanup and making of the art


Cleanup is a bit of a pain
  • Purpose / Audience:

    I finally tried this one out with my partner and it was incredibly fun. Getting the supplies ready along with the room so that we could use this was just part of the fun to come.

    Basically, this is an art project started back in Atlanta, I assume in conjunction with the Liberator company. Random people were given this kit to show their love making through paint on a canvas. This is the perfect gift for any couple to show their love and appreciation for their lovemaking and the trust they have in one another.

    As a whole, this kit works for anyone on any level of sex. And I suppose this would work for a first sexual encounter with a partner as a way to do something completely different. I recommend this as a special something for someone you are in a committed relationship with as a way to show a physical representation of your love that you two can share on the wall or with others, depending on how well you know your friends.
    This also works as an interesting art piece, because sometimes we forgot ourselves during sex and how are body is moving and this will totally show you in inky detail.

  • Rules / Content:

    So this kit comes with all you need minus a frame. However, you don't have to frame this art when you are done. Stapling to a wall or hanging via tacks could work too.

    To use this you need a good open space of at least 6x6 so as not to have any accidents. The canvas is much smaller, however: nobody wants paints where it isn't supposed to be in the first place.

    - So you have one 4oz bottle of paint. Yes, it's small, and no, you will not need more (trust me). If you need more, then you didn't apply the swirl pattern on the canvas in the beginning in the right way. Oh, and this paint stays on your skin pretty well, so think about using this at the end of the day or else you might be seen out and about with paint on your skin. It will wash out for the most part, but it's that part that stains your skin you have to worry about (it will come out later). I'll include tips on that later in the review.

    - Then you have your 80" x 90" plastic sheet, which looks a lot like something from Dexter, minus the gore, but still it reminds me of it when placing the sheet. Remember when placing the sheet to not have any sharp objects or anything underneath so as not to tear the sheet.

    - Next you have your 54" x 41" specially treated non-allergenic white cotton canvas. My partner and I both have sensitive skin and we got down and dirty and sweaty on this canvas and all was good.

    - There's also the two pairs of disposable slippers that look like something from the hospital and ya know what? These come in handy, because unless you have the canvas nailed to the floor, you will be sliding a little bit and your feet will get covered with paint. So these booties make sure you don't have foot tracks everywhere.

    - Finally, there's the scrubbing bath net thingy. Didn't use it because we already had one, but I would highly recommend it as the paint was not as easy to take out as expected.

    Oh, and there are instructions included, which do help.

    Special note: The paint shouldn't dry on you while you are on the canvas using it unless you don't sweat at all. That being said, when you are done, move it carefully since the paint does pool up a little bit in spots, and leave it someplace open where it can be flat on the ground.

  • Design:

    I liked the design of this. Everything fit nicely within the tube it came in. And you could totally use the tube later on for some D.I.Y. projects or holding posters or rolled canvases.

    Like I mentioned earlier, the canvas will slide with the plastic sheet so you might want to tape down the corners of the canvas with some heavy duty tape so as not to worry as much. If you don't it shouldn't be too bad. Also, your footing will slip on the plastic sheet, especially if you're a person who soaks things up with sweat, so make sure you're on the canvas with your feet or off the sheet entirely and on your surface. Now, the sheet is there for your protection so being off the sheet with your feet could be messy.

    Also, the paint, while being washable, does stay on your skin, nails, and plastic shower walls pretty well. So I recommend using a makeup remover or cream with oil base to remove your paint a little bit from your skin before showering. Also, use the shower scrunchy thing to clean deep into the stains. But yeah, this paint is a doozy.

    When you're done using this, make sure to save the bottle, because you can mix some water in there and add some touches to the canvas if you want post shtooping.

    Overall, very good design indeed.

    2.5 lb
    Kit includes:
    80" x 90" plastic sheet to protect surfaces, 54" x 41" specially treated non-allergenic white cotton canvas, 4oz bottle of specially formulated black, non-toxic, washable paint, Two pairs of disposable slippers
  • Personal comments:

    So this product is great. In all my years of having sex I've thought about this, but never thought it would work out well or was apprehensive with my partners. This product, however, totally puts everything you need into a safe, friendly kit that takes out a decent amount of guess work from the sex art canvas idea.

  • Experience:

    So you're going to put out your sheet. Move furniture about. Place the canvas down over the sheet. Place your booties off to the side and make sure you will not be hitting them with paint.

    Mainly, make sure you do all the things mentioned above with your partner. Regardless of if this was a surprise gift or not, I think that sharing this with your partner and taking the care with one another to enjoy this together makes the experience that much more special. I know it sounds cheesy, but this really is a gift you can bond over.

    Big note, you will probably get other fluids on the canvass other than the paint. Love making is wet and sticky and this canvas reflects it in the end.

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