Relationship Enrichment Systems Romantic rendezvous - Adult game from Relationship Enrichment Systems

Romantic rendezvous Adult game by Relationship Enrichment Systems
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The Romantic Rendezvous® game offers the opportunity for you and your lover to grow closer and delve into the joys and delights of being together through love, intimacy and adventure.

Romantic Rendezvous is unique as it embodies two different games that are each extraordinary and intriguing. They may be played separately or together.

The board game offers over 120 activities to share together: share with your partner what you love about yourself; give your partner a five-minute massage on any area of their body they choose; tell your partner what you love about them.

The card game is a game of self-expression and communication: hug, cuddle and be affectionate and playful with each other. After a few minutes, whisper in each other's ear what you are each experiencing at that time.

Anyplace your partner wants, using anything your partner wants, give your partner pleasure. Be open to directions from your partner. Take turns sharing three wishes or one dream that you each have.

Combining the two games adds an exciting dimension and creates the Romantic Rendezvous Experience.

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