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Speak love, make love Adult game by Relationship Enrichment Systems
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Speak Love... Make Love is a game of giving and receiving love. It is a uniquely designed game that offers you and your lover two types of intertwined play.

On the Speak Love side, some of the activities you might be playing are:

Sharing: "Share one commitment you have for yourself, your partner and your relationship."

Communication: "Tell your partner what you can do to make more time for love and romance in your lives."

Discovery: "Ask your partner what is romantic to them."

On the Make Love side:

Intimacy: "Dance a slow romantic dance with your naked bodies. Have music or not."

Physical pleasure: "From behind, massage your partner with romantic delight."

Adventure: "Find a favorite area of your body and ask your partner to give it pleasure."

The Speak Love... Make Love journey moves you and your lover along a path that melds both of your emotional and physical sides of life into one.

Make Love contains a playing board that is two-sided, two game pieces and a die. One player plays the left side of board, the other plays the right side. Each takes turns rolling the die, moving the game piece and completing the activity in the landed square.

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