Chocoholics divine desserts Strip chocolate checkers - Adult game from Chocoholics divine desserts

Strip chocolate checkers Adult game by Chocoholics divine desserts
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The familiar game of checkers gets a sexy makeover with this delicious version.

Decadent chocolate circles set the scene as playing pieces, and each jump means picking up a jump card, which will tell you how to eat the chocolate piece you just captured in a very sexy way. The suggestions are sure to leave both you and your adversary in the mood for something more than checkers.

As pieces are removed from the board and devoured, clothes are shed as well, giving this game an even more playful twist. Delicious and exciting, this is one board game that will never be forgotten.

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    Sugar, Cocoa liquor, Cocoa butter, Lecithin, Milk powder, Whey powder, Pure vanilla
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