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Tantric lovers game Adult game by Relationship Enrichment Systems
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"Tantra is an ancient practice focusing on the art of lovemaking, blending the flow of Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy for a profound mind, body and spirit connection," and the Tantric lovers game™ is a great way to experience that sensual connection while having fun at the same time.

Yet another way to enhance your love life from prominent sexpert Dr. Ava Cadell, this couples' game stresses using your entire body and all your senses through activities like breathing and movement to achieve maximum pleasure during sex. An example that Dr. Ava goes into detail about in the manual is the tantric full body kiss, and I know you wanna find out more about that one.

This game kit includes:

1. Two-sided game board

2. Instructional booklet

3. Two-sided playing pieces

4. Raspberry champagne edible lubricant

5. Hourglass game timer

6. Die

And there are many other regular household items you can use in conjunction with these for a better experience.

Dr. Ava goes into that in the included booklet as well as a list of ten guidelines (e.g. "be willing to explore new sexual territory") to open up your horizons.

An example of this sexual terra incognita is the seven chakras, or body energies, that the instructional booklet will teach you and your partner to benefit from.

So whether you could use a little excitement in the bedroom or are looking to experience sex as you've never had it before, this fun yet adventurous game will bring you two closer together.

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