Double G Communications The lover's guide fun in bed - Adult game from Double G Communications

The lover's guide fun in bed Adult game by Double G Communications
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Rediscover the excitement that first brought you together with this fun and flirty adult game for couples. Fun in Bed™ is a relationship game designed for playful encounters between you and your partner. The object of the game is simply to read a card and carry out the suggestions. The game includes game cards in 6 distinct categories such as: "Kiss me," "Ask me," "Tease me," "Please me," Surprise me," and "Talk to me." Easy to play and learn, you'll enjoy remembering all the things you enjoy about each other. The game also includes a tickling feather, lady's stocking, gentleman's tie and play guide. With 240 cards to choose from you're sure to find thousands of combinations to make the game last all night long.

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  • Design

    2 lb
    The set includes:
    • 240 Fun in Bed cards
    • Tickling feather
    • Lady’s stocking
    • Gentleman’s tie
    • Playing guide
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    Special Features:
    • Bachelor party
    • Bachelorette party
    • Birthday party

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