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Throws of Passion™ is the Hilarious "Love Positions" Dice Game! Players "score big" with the "Love Positions" their little "naked people" dice (one guy, one girl) find themselves in after going for a roll! Positions like "Dirty Doggy", "Is That Thing Loaded?" and "Not Tonight" are among the many scoring possibilities. You'll love the fast and furious, sexy play as your "action figures" get it on in this laugh-a-minute, never predicatble game! Be the first to score 50 points...and win! Throws of Passion™ includes two fun and interactive versions!

Game includes 1 Throws of Passion™ storage bag, 2 naked people dice (one guy, one girl), 1 score pad, 2 pencils, 1 instruction sheet and 6 "Love Positions" cards.

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