Lover's Choice Inc. The great love escape - Sensual kit from Lover's Choice Inc.

The great love escape Sensual kit by Lover's Choice Inc.
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Get ready to escape to a world of scintillating delights and romantic fantasies with this wonderful gift set from Lover's Choice™. The set includes two champagne flutes, a black leg garter, edible Body Bliss Dust™, a feather tickler, four tea lights, and one love escape ticket. Though the choice is yours as to how you use the set, here are a few suggestions.

Begin by setting up and lighting the unscented tea lights to create the mood, arranging them for maximum exposure and coverage of the room. From there, use the champagne flutes to pour some of your favorite bubbly (not included) and allow your partner to enter. You can either have your partner put on the leg garter beforehand, or during the encounter, but either way, enjoy a sensual role playing experience as you gently slide it off, kissing your way down the leg with each movement.

Once you're ready for some more direct contact, use the Body Bliss Dust™ for some play that is both fun, and arousing as you enjoy each other's bodies. You can sprinkle the dust over your lover in various patterns, spelling out words or phrases, or you can play a game of simon says, where your partner puts the dust on their body and commands you where to eat/lick it off. At the same time, you can use the lovely feather tickler to tease your partner, running it up and down their body, slightly brushing up against every erogenous zone to build up desire. Finally, this set includes a "love escape ticket" that contains six romantic surprises designed specifically to guide you and your lover through the evening, providing many ways to enjoy this night of passion.

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  • Properties

    The set includes:
    • Two champagne flutes
    • Black leg garter
    • Edible body bliss dust™
    • Feather tickler
    • Four tea lights
    • Love escape ticket
    9.5 oz
    Special Features:
    • Bachelor party
    • Bachelorette party
    • Birthday party
    • Edible
    • Gifts
    • Wedding party

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