Pure Fun LLC G-thrust - Sling from Pure Fun LLC

G-thrust Sling by Pure Fun LLC
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  • G-thrust - Sling
  • G-thrust - Sling
  • G-thrust - Sling
  • G-thrust - Sling
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During missionary-position sex, the movements of the hips naturally roll the female partner away from the male partner, resulting in less arousing contact between the two.

A sensual solution, the G-Thrust ensures closer contact by an innovative design that involves both partners for intense pleasure. Soft cuffs, adjustable by Velcro fasteners, are gently looped around the ankles of the female partner, leaving the foot board between them. The male partner then can place his feet against the front of the foot board, and with each thrust, the board is pushed down, along with the female's ankles, thus pulling him into her by using simple, natural movement. The female partner can also pull up to adjust the depth of penetration for her own pleasure.

Simple to use, both the cuffs and the length of the tethers are adjustable to suit nearly any pairing, making this a must-have for the bedroom. The G-Thrust also comes with a tasteful instructional DVD to help you use this device to it's full potential. The cuffs can also be detached from the foot board to double as light bondage toys, and the G-Thrust itself can be used as a doggie-style positional aid; this is demonstrated in the DVD.

Cuff tethers can be adjusted from flush with the foot board up to 14" away from it; the ankles cuffs themselves fit from approximately 10" to a 15" circumference.

Catalog ID: ENT90021

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material

    Nylon / Plastic
    Black / Purple
    13 1/2"
  • Other

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free

See G-thrust image.

  • Reviews(3)

    • Lilith Desiderata
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.3/10

      In motion, I definitely noticed the difference with the G-thrust. Normally, Techie pulls back a lot during penetration and there are still-healing claw marks in his back from when I've unconsciously tried to correct the matter. With the G-thrust, there is a LOT more contact of his naughty bits on mine and I don't have to resort to more primal "STAY PUT!" methods (unless I want to!).

    • Daydreamineyez
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.6/10

      The instructional DVD answered any questions that we had. It did not produce the results that we were hoping for. My husband and I tried it a few times in different positions before we decided that the G Thrust was not a toy designed for us.

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    Customer comments

    • TexasBrat
      I tried this thing, and I was totally unimpressed with it. The instructional DVD helped, but, it just didn't do what they said it would. And, the purple thing reminds me of those cheap plastic children's swings. I was toally unimpressed.
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Lilith Desiderata Daydreamineyez
Lilith Desiderata Daydreamineyez
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