Oomph bump Position pillow with toy holder

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Product: Oomph bump
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What makes it awesome

  • Enjoy multiple positions and hot hands-free rides with this inflatable pillow boasting a slot for dildo or vibrator and a load-bearing capacity of 440 lbs.
  • The pillow is a perfect couple's accessory allowing enjoying each other in different positions anytime, anywhere.
  • Compact size and inflatable design make it easy to store the pillow or take it with you on a trip - it's also waterproof.
  • For some extra-juicy fun, the pillow features a slot to put in any toy you wish to ride. The slot is 2' wide & 3.1" deep.

A closer look

Add comfort to your intimate moments with this wonderful and compact inflatable position pillow. Take it with you on a picnic outing with your friends to lay back and relax on it or put it under your body and explore a multitude of exciting positions with your lover. Want to enjoy some "me-time"? Just slide your favorite dildo or vibrator in the special slot in the pillow and enjoy orgasmic hands-free rides anytime you feel like it.

NOTE: Although we recommend using fun toys to take your Oomph bump experience from great to superb, we do not sell any toys with the pillow. There are no dildos, wands or any type of toy included in the package, just the pillow.

Sexy play ideas

Design / Material

Material: Pvc

Color: Blue

Length: 15"

Width: 12 1/2"

Height: 8 3/4"

Weight: 0.75 lb

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: EdenFantasys

Catalog ID: ETM18019


Love pillow special features: Inflatable / Moisture-proof

  • I am a plus-size woman (size 26) and have used this with no issue... it feels great between your thighs)

  • We both were really impressed with the BUMP. It has added a new dimension to our sex life.

  • This inflatable position pillow is a game-changer for some aspects of pleasure play. When this pillow is paired with your favorite toy, it is sure to be a great experience.

  • By yourself or with a partner, this pillow will position you right on cloud 9!

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