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Nothing beats a position pillow that can be used in so many different ways, or one that will support both your partner and you. Enter the Curve Cushion, a versatile and well made position aid from Perfect Position. A high density foam core, surrounded by a fluid proof cover with a micro-suede outer shell, come together to provide the best in form and function. Plus, you get a storage bag that keeps the dust and hair at bay. Top notch indeed!


Fluid proof, storage bag, improves angles, easily holds body weight.


Retains form from weight, may be too firm for some.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material:

    The Curve is rather large - in fact, it is the biggest cushion offered here on Eden, even bigger than the Liberator Wedge (pictured next to the Curve). From end to end it measures 40" and is 24" wide. It has an oval shape that is somewhat flattened on one side. Both ends start out at about 2" thick, and the center of the cushion gives you 12" of height.

    The Curve has three parts to it: the foam core, the fluid proof lining, and the outer cover. We'll start with the core.

    Perfect Position uses low density foam with a 50 pound compression rating. This means it will hold 50 pounds per cubic foot. Now this may make you think that it will not hold much, but when you consider the overall size of this cushion and the large surface area it has, it will hold way more than one might think. Let me show you in a picture:

    That is my 160 pounds standing in the center of the cushion. It deflects about two inches with my weight. Now remember that during most positions your body weight will be spread out over a much bigger surface. Compared to the foam used in the Liberator line of cushions, this is a much stronger or firmer foam.

    Quite the difference, eh?

    Covering the foam is a Nylon cover that has a zipper to make removing it easy. This keeps fluids from getting to the foam. It also makes getting the outer cover on much easier. So feel free to get as wet and wild as you want while using this cushion.

    Next, we have the soft micro-suede cover. Not only does it provide a soft place for your naked body to lie on, it also helps to keep the cushion from moving around during use. Really, when you find yourself able to use positions comfortably, things can get pretty wild, ya know? Now this cover can and will attract lint and hair, but since it comes off easily for cleaning this is not really an issue. You can also just use a lint roller if needed. But wait, going with the lint/hair issue there is one more item that Perfect Position thought to include with the Curve...

    ...A storage cover! Yes folks, you get a form fitting Nylon cover to keep those dust bunnies at bay during storage. This also makes it great for travel, as it has a carry handle and is also splash proof as well. There is a clear window that has a paper insert showing a lovely lady lying on the Curve, but fear not - it can be removed, making it more discreet.

    On mine, the outer cover has a few wrinkles along one side; I am thinking that this is due to the cover being a smidgen bigger than it should be. Honestly, this makes it easier to take on and off. Take it from a guy that has stuffed many cushions doing upholstery, that little bit of extra room helps quite a bit. Everything else is top quality here: all the seams are tight and back stitched, and the threads are all trimmed close. From my experience and background I can say this should last for many years.

    Foam / Micro-suede
    12 lb
  • Performance:

    Oh yes, the joys of getting older, eh? I hate to admit it but we are not as limber or athletic as we use to be. So many of the positions we use to enjoy so much are getting harder to do, like doggie style and our favorite modified missionary position (Arch I think it's called) can get tiring after a short time.

    The Curve really helps us out by providing the support needed to enjoy these positions for longer periods. Along with the two positions mentioned, we find it wonderful for oral and different variations on other positions when used with the flat side down. For oral, placing the center of the Curve under the wife's butt allows a better angle for me; my neck is not strained and it gives me better access for my hands to finger or use a toy at the same time. This also works for her as well during oral on me, pretty much for the same reasons. It allows her to use an anal toy on me much easier too, as it lifts my butt off the bed/floor. We enjoy using it for a lie down version of doggie style: it kind of gives a better angle for me while letting her relax and not try to hold herself up on her knees and arms.

    Flipping the Curve over works pretty well too. It allows us to use a rocking motion during positions used at the edge of the bed with me standing. An example would be the wife lying on her back with her legs on my shoulders: I can then just rock the cushion back and forth.

    Really, folks, the possibilities are endless.

    Some other ways I found to use it include: supporting my legs while lying down on my back, during massage to lift our bodies higher on the bed (prevents bending over and less strain to my back), and as a cushion to use while watching TV or playing video games.

    About the only thing I would change if I could would be the width - it would allow even more variations to certain positions if it was about half as wide. Of course, if that were the case it would not hold as much weight and would need to be much thicker to get the same support. But with position aids like this, it just means you have to experiment, which is part of the fun, right?

    Love pillow special features:
    Moisture-proof / Stain resistant / Washable
  • Packaging:

    The Curve comes to you in its own brown cardboard box, much like any other toy you get from Eden, with one exception: this box not only is bigger than any box you will receive, it also has the name of the cushion printed on the side.

    Now, the name may be of some concern for some - it really does not scream "SEX TOY" or anything, but it should be mentioned. If anyone should ask, you could always tell them it is an exercise ball type deal. My wife has a Bean exercise ball that looks similar, so I am sure that would work.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    Cleaning your Curve is pretty simple: unzip the outer cover and toss it in the washer. The instructions state to wash separately; I assume this means with like colors, and use a chlorine free bleach if needed. Tumble dry with low heat.

    Storage is one thing about this cushion that you really must consider before purchasing. Due to the size you will not be able to slide it under the bed, and it will take up a lot of space in a closet. One nice thing about it, though, is that unlike the Liberator line if cushions, Perfect Positions did not add a sewn on tag with their name on it. So if you leave it out for all to see, it will not automatically be recognized as a sex aid.

  • Personal comments:

    The density of the foam is something that surprised us. We find the Liberator foam to be too firm in most positions, so when we first felt the Curve we figured it would be a fail since it is firmer. Turns out that it works much better at supporting out bodies during use. I think the reason behind this is that we sink into the Liberator shapes and not the Curve.

    To date we have used the Curve more than the Ramp; we have had the Ramp for over a year. If that is not an endorsement, I don't know what is.

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