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A few extra inches to make oral more comfortable, or an extra boost when you arch your back---even if you're agile and spry, the extra rocking that the Mini Column can provide when it's resting under the small of your partner's back intensifies sex. The thrusts of partnered sex are amplified, the angles more accessible, and solo sex is more fun, too! This is the shape I would recommend to any couple, regardless of age, flexibility, or living situation.


Adds a fun rocking sensation, elevates important body parts, well made, carrying case.


Too tall / too firm to double as a body pillow for sleeping.

Best use:

Position pillows are designed with many uses in mind. The firm core, covered first by a waterproof layer and then by a slip-resistant microfiber layer, helps to add a few inches anywhere you place it. This extra boost can give your day-in, day-out positions a fresh flavor, it can make positions that weren't possible before a reality, and it can lend a little leverage or support.

While some shapes (large wedges and triangles) seem tailor-made to aid in finding static positions, the Mini Column is fantastic for dynamic positions. The nine inch diameter cylinder can give a boost under the knees, butt, or lower back---and whether it's elevating your partner's body to your mouth or helping her arch her back, the wonderful inertia of you working together gets the Mini Column rocking. Every thrust seems that much stronger, that much much more welcome, and that much more harmonious. The Mini Column's active, rocking design makes it the perfect position pillow for any couple, even those who don't think they're lacking in agility.

The Mini Column serves a purpose for solo masturbation, as well. It can be placed at the small of the back or under the hips to take advantage of the same thrust-enhancing rocking motion, or it can be saddled with a thigh harness and used as a way to thrust hands-free, whether you're on your back or riding.

The Mini Column has not opened the way to any new positions yet in my experience, but there aren't any positions I know of that aren't already in my grasp. Even though it's not broadening the scope of sexual positions available, the Mini Column is definitely making some of my time-tested favorites even more fun.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material:

    To hold two bodies up, the Mini Column must be quite firm. Of course, to be comfortable, it must also be soft and forgiving. The foam core of Perfect Position's pillows fulfills both of these requirements without a hitch. When the weight of both my partner and I (a combined ~270 pounds) is pressing into the Mini Column, it gives about two of its nine inches in diameter. While it is too firm to give under just the weight of one thigh, it has the ideal amount of softness to hold you up but keep you comfortable during times when you don't want to think about the furniture.

    Protecting this pleasant core is a synthetic waterproof fabric (what excellent planning!), held shut by a zipper. This zipper lines up exactly with the zipper for the outer layer, a microfiber fabric that keeps the pillow from sliding all the way across the bed. The microfiber is a neat-and-trim version, nothing too plush so not much static is generated and not much lint is picked up. The zippers are made of a very durable-feeling plastic, which creates a little surprise to your fingertips in contrast with the lovely, soft microfiber.

    The foam core is constructed of a single piece of foam. Both the waterproof layer and the microfiber outer layer are stitched seamlessly (with hems on the inside where they don't interfere with appearance or use. The stitching seems quite good, and I believe it should hold up well, including through many washings.

    Foam / Micro-suede
    5 lb
  • Performance:

    The rocking sensation that the Mini Column enhances seems to work to some extent in every position I've used it in. The most excellent improvements were in the first three positions tested (because they're the most natural to start PIV sex in, for me). Placing the Mini Column under the small of my (female) back during missionary sex made every thrust feel better, more natural, and more strong or gentle---the rocking of the Mini Column seemed to amplify my partner's intent. Under my hips with me on my back provided even more fun rolling (although when we got too enthusiastic the Mini Column found its way back to the small of my back). The Mini Column also does a wonderful job in cowgirl position when set up under my male partner's knees. He says the penetration is much deeper, and I really enjoy how much longer I can thrust at angles that used to be awkward, given the improved position of his pelvis when he's got the Column under his knees.

    The Mini Column can also provide extra added lift---for oral sex on either partner, resting the hips on the pillow makes your important parts more easily accessible and helps keep any kinks from forming (in your neck, at least!). Women with bigger breasts will appreciate the fact that the Mini Column can help support them during doggy-style sex, while keeping a good view in the mirror unobstructed.

    When under ~270 pounds of combined weight, we found that the column only gave about two inches of its nine inch diameter. When under only my (~150 pound) weight, the Mini Column gave less than an inch. I can't compress it along its long axis at all (but I also haven't found a position where it's supporting weight along the long axis---of course, I'll keep looking).

    Love pillow special features:
    Moisture-proof / Stain resistant / Washable
  • Packaging:

    Two components of packaging are worthy of comment for the Mini Column. Unlike Liberator gear, the Mini Column comes with a handy storage bag, complete with carrying handle. This bag doubles as its shipping home with a promotional leaflet covering part of the pillow. Once you remove the piece of paper, you're left with a half clear plastic, half durable windbreaker material bag fitted to your pillow. The bag has a zip-off top, and keeps your pillow's microfiber from picking up pet hair and lint while you're bringing it along on your travels or storing it. After taking out the leaflet, the pillow in its case looks completely discreet: there are no tags that give away the position pillow's true purpose.

    Additionally, at 9" circumference by 24" long, the Mini Column is a rather large item, and sending it through a postal service is a little pricey. Despite the difficulties, EdenFantasys does an excellent job. Here is the (discreet and plain as always!) box I received the Mini Column in (with a trade-size paperback for scale), as well as the box opened holding the Mini Column.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    As a piece of "furniture" whose sole purpose is to be underneath bodies having sex, it's really important that the Mini Column be easy to clean. Thankfully, Perfect Position planned their product well, and thorough care is quite easy to accomplish.

    First, the outer microfiber layer does not collect lint as aggressively as I had expected it would. Pet hair is definitely visible on the black surface, but it brushes away easily with my hand. There's no static attraction---just simple 'came-into-contact-and-stuck,' so "dusting" is no problem at all. Surely your Mini Column will get more on it than just pet hair, so when lube or other fluids need to be cleaned off, the microfiber cover zips off (as shown in the Design section) and can be machine washed on cold. I have only tested mine by hang-drying it so far, but it shows no signs of damage.

    The layer immediately beneath the microfiber is a waterproof synthetic fabric which protects the foam core. The waterproof layer can be zipped off as well, though I would only hand-wash and hang-dry this layer for good measure.

    When denuded of its comfortable, slip-proof outer layer and protective waterproof middle layer, the foam core is vulnerable. While I'm washing my outer layers, I keep the foam core in the carrying pouch it arrived in.

    Storage is nothing special---either you can leave the Mini Column out on a bed or couch, or you can store it inside its pouch any place you have room for a two-foot-long, nine inch in diameter column. It cannot squeeze down for storage.

  • Personal comments:

    I've never had a "position pillow" before, neither from Liberator nor from Perfect Position. Since I'm agile and limber, and don't have lots of extra storage space, I had never really been sure whether a sex cushion would be worth it for me. I still don't think that I will purchase a Ramp or Try-Angle until I'm living in someplace bigger than a studio apartment---but the Mini Column is definitely fun, adds enough novelty, and doesn't take up much space---I would easily recommend it to others, even those who are confident in their flexibility and not-so-confident in their housing permanence.

    When I first opened the box, I was really shocked both by how firm the Mini Column is, and how light it is. I can swat it from one end of the bed to the other with a casual tap from my arm, but it is so firm that, if I'm leaning against it by myself, there's only a smidgen of compression of the foam. It is firm enough to not be comfortable as a body-pillow for sleep, even.

  • Experience:

    The one final feature of the Mini Column that has me excited is this:

    I have g-spot orgasms most easily on my back, and I really enjoy hands-free stimulation. Of course, hands-free stimulation and dildos are not usually compatible... but when you have a thigh harness, I can use my legs to thrust the Mini Column to thrust my dildo, and the firmness of the core of this position pillow makes it far more satisfying than anything I have tried up til now.

    That aside, I've been excited by how much fun there is to be had with a position pillow like the Mini Column, even when you think you're as agile as can be.

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