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Product summary and comments by PassionQT


Quit stacking bed pillows and toss the Right Position wherever you need it, even on a hard floor, as it won't slip around. It's designed to make sex more comfortable, fun, and can assist in reaching new levels of penetration and pleasure. Weighing just under 3 pounds, this space-saving, portable design is ideal for those who lack room for larger pieces of sex furniture.

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  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material

    16 1/2"
    16 1/2"
    5 lb
    PassionQT's opinion
    This compact, wedge-shaped pillow is made of a black, latex-free, lightweight - yet thick density - foam that is firm and supportive. It measures 16.5" L x 16" W x 7" H and weighs in at roughly 2.8 pounds. A built-in carrying handle carved directly out of the foam makes it easy to grab and carry. The texture tends to grab more than a traditional cloth wedge, making it less slippery on harder surfaces, and the bottom is covered with a multitude of "feet" to help keep it in place. Additionally, it is made in the U.S.A. with the words "The Right Position" stamped in red on one side.

    Lotions, lubes, oils, and other fluids will not stain or damage the material; they'll wash right off!
  • Performance

    PassionQT's opinion
    Experimentation will dictate how this pillow performs best for each user; however, when all is said and done, it is comparable to other such position pillows currently available on the market, just much smaller and also firmer. The nice thing about this position pillow is that it's not covered in a cloth sleeve that would need to be removed and washed, then zipped back on.

    In addition to many more, two of the most common positions are:
    Elevated doggy style: receiver on stomach, pelvis on highest side of wedge, face downward, butt up.
    Elevated missionary: receiver on back, butt elevated on the wedge.

    And of course, the giver can be propped up on the wedge as the the receiver climbs aboard and rides away.
  • Packaging

    PassionQT's opinion
    The pillow can be stored in the included, black satin, drawstring bag.
  • Care and Maintenance

    PassionQT's opinion
    A damp cloth is all that is needed to wipe away any surface fluids. Store out of light and extreme heat to avoid surface cracking over time. The wedge is small enough to fit under a bed, on a shelf in the closet, in a trunk, or even under the pillows on the bed.
  • Personal comments

    PassionQT's opinion
    A note on the packaging:
    For the purposes of this review, the pillow was received without the black satin storage bag; however, retail purchases will have the bag included.
  • Experience

    PassionQT's opinion
    I like how this pillow is compact and can be stored much more easily than my Liberator (tm) wedge, which won't even fit under my bed. The firmness is harder than the Liberator, but not uncomfortable, just different. I like how it doesn't slide around too much on a harder surface, but I'm not one to have sex on the cold floor or a table anyhow. Overall, it's a good product at a fraction of the cost the competitor's, but it's also smaller in size, so keep that in mind.

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    Customer comments

    • Nice!
    • looks nice
    • i don't know about this one
    • I got to thinking... wouldn't this material be susceptible to cracking? I really don't think I'll risk trying this anymore.
    • Looks nice, but needs some reviews.
    • not sure about this pillow
    • Hm, definitely interested in a review!
    • I am completely undecided--waiting for review...
    • I wonder how good it is.
    • In my hands now.
    more reviews (22)
    • nice
    • The writing been so large is off putting.
    • Looks nice!
    • Thinking of just buying a gym mat for these prices! lol.
    • Hmm... I dunno about this.
    • Yea!!!!!! My first pilow, I can't wait to get it in and do the review.
    • Neat
    • not sure about this one.
    • Not much info in the overview, is there? Looks interesting.
    • i like the red on black
    • Interesting...not sure about this one. Material looks like vinyl, if so, not interested anymore.
    • I want to hear about this one too. I want a wedge so bad. I am under 5 foot tall and this would be so nice to have to make things a bit easier on us.
    • That looks really comfy!
    • So...does the tasseled cover hide the tacky writing, and how odd does it look to have it cinched around the pillow?
    • Well it's not a bad price!
    • Cool.
    • From the photo it doesn't look like it's made of very comfy material. Then again it's hard to tell from a photo. I also think the wording on the side looks tacky.
    • Yea I really don't care for the writing on it either. Gives it a tacky look and now it's not as discreet. Interesting pillow though! At least it's not as high priced as the others.
    • This looks fun I can't wait for reviews.
    • Does it really have the writing on the pillow itself?
    • I can't wait to hear more about this.
    • This looks really neat!
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