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This product has been discontinued


This fully assembled Swing has 5 harnesses! Almost all others have only 4. The extra harness dramatically increases the comfort of the swing. Each strap is only supporting half the weight of a standard swing. Each strap has 1/4 inch of padding. That is 6.2mm thick. The pads are protected with a soft leopard print cover.The whole swing is rated for 400 pounds.Another great feature to this swing is it is upgradeable. You can add other accessories to it or remove them.You can attach other gear easily to the chains in multiple ways. You can take all the straps off and use just the chain and spreader bar.

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  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material

    6 lb
  • Performance

    Sex swings special features:
    Adjustable / Spinning
    Holds weight up to:
    400 lb.
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    • Too bad it has been discontinued. The three-strap design is crucial for neck support for reclined positions and extended play. It is a very flexible design, allowing a wide variety of configurations. Very comfortable padding. The spreader bar allows for single point mounting which means you can mount on a spring or spin it, although, quite frankly, we've never found either of those features to be useful to us.
    • Wait?! It's been discontinued!
    • NICE
    • =0
    • double straps for ur butt is nice
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