NMC Ltd Frolicking feather stix - Feather tickler from NMC Ltd

Frolicking feather stix Feather tickler by NMC Ltd
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Catalog ID: NMCFNE001A

UPC: 4892503123814

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    Customer comments

    • Cute
    • Just got this in the mail today. Will have a review up soon!
    • I want this haha, I'll save one for us, one for my cat and one for a friend! If it actually does come with 3.... does it?
    • Look fun and cute!!
    • Cute
    • Nice.
    • Do you get one or three? Wish it was more clear. Anyway, the feathers on those actually look plush and soft, unlike some of the other ticklers.
    • Is there a set of these in one piece?
    • I like the purple and blue ones.
    • Love the colors.
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    • Not to sure about these I agree looks like cat toys
    • Simple.
    • LOVE the pink! It's similar to the one end of whipper ticker, which is kind of cheaply made, but these do feel nice on the skin. If the kitties are kept away from em' long enough! Lol
    • if these are cheap i might use my points for my cat
    • cute
    • They totally look like fun cat toys...
    • @ - Kira - Pet play? =^_^=
    • not interested.
    • pretty!
    • hmm....not sure
    • Cute!
    • Why would you need three? O.o Look like cat toys to me.
    • pretty!
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