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Pete briefs packer

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Pete underwear briefs are men's contoured pouch briefs, much like the classic cut "whitey tidies". The contoured pouch allows the packer to sport a natural bulge even with a small packer. Pete briefs have a four-inch side, and seamless lines under clothes. 

PETE is made of light weight Nylon, Spandex, Jersey material. The Nylon Spandex component helps Pete breathe and to pull moisture away from your body, to keep you cool and dry. The Jersey component enables PETE to hug and hold, and be comfy soft against your skin. Pete's open fly front, provides easy access, and enables you to use a STP (Stand To Pee) packer naturally and with complete confidence. Whether you are taking wide steps, using the restroom, or performing rigorous activities, Pete's secure fit, allows you to move freely, with zero fear that your packer will shift, dislodge or worse fall to the floor.

PETE is agile and easy going; you can pull down and just as quickly pull up on your UnderWear knowing that your packer will stay securely in place, exactly where you want it. PETE helps your image, as his contoured pouch under clothing, gives even a small packer the realistic bulge appearance of a flaccid penis. He is a great companion, and comfortable to wear all day.

  • Properties
    Nylon / Spandex
    Maximum hip size:
    One size fits the most
    Dildo holder diameter:
    0.3 lb
    Special Features:
    • Enhancer
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