Drive yourself over the edge with this luxurious prostate stimulator

P-spot drivervibrating c-shape prostate massager

P-spot driver

With the P-spot Driver you'll feel the power of intense deep vibrations and enjoy sensational prostate orgasms. With precisely designed shaft and powerful motors enveloped in body safe silicone, it delivers fantastic sensations.

  • Enjoy deep rumbly vibrations in 30 wonderful modes of pulsation, escalation and more;

  • Hypoallergenic silicone and ASB plastic are latex and phthalate free;

  • USB rechargeable.

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  • Material / Texture
    Material safety
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    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size
    5 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    4 1/2"
    4 1/4"
    1 3/8"
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  • P-spot driver - Vibrating C-shape prostate massager
  • P-spot driver - Vibrating C-shape prostate massager
  • P-spot driver - Vibrating C-shape prostate massager
  • P-spot driver - Vibrating C-shape prostate massager
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Vibrating C-shape prostate massager - P-spot driver - view #1 Vibrating C-shape prostate massager - P-spot driver - view #2 Vibrating C-shape prostate massager - P-spot driver - view #3 Vibrating C-shape prostate massager - P-spot driver - view #4
  • Material / Texture:

    This is made of silicone. The battery housing is plastic. Both are body safe for sex play. Out of the packaging, it has a very slight fruity smell. The type of silicone on this has a matte feel meaning a slight drag if you run you finger down it. There are no nubs or ribs.

    As shown in the video demonstration it is bendable in certain spots. The handle is very squeezable. It is firm where the 2 bullets are. There are seams on both sides of the shaft. Pretty much undetectable, you have to eyeball it to find it.

    Silicone attracts dust, lint, hair, and whatnot easily. Best to wash it before and after every use.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    There are various sizes of P-spot massagers available. I chose this for its size and shape. I found that larger massager gives a great full feeling, but slimmer ones vibrate better. A larger massager like the Lelo Loki Wave can produce a P and G-spot orgasm, but one sized like this P-spot Driver can do it faster. And you can go for much longer with it.

    size carparision
    The Rocket Lelo Loki Wave Aneros MGX EdenFantasys P-Driver Aneros Vice

    The Loki Wave is on the big side and causes soreness after 45 mins. The P-driver is larger than the Aneros MGX but smaller than the Lelo Loki Wave. I got this to replace the Lelo Billy, which stopped taking charge after 3 years of faithful service.

    The large bulb/bullet on its curved tip feels great going in and hits the prostate perfectly. This bulb is 1 3/4" long and bound to hit just about every man's prostate. The second bulb/bullet is slightly smaller and will stimulate the numerous nerve ending near the anus.

    This has a looped handle for easy withdrawal. The smaller tapered end by the base is designed to help keep the toy in. One of my pet peeves with the more expensive Loki Wave is that it slips out on its own.

    As far as recommendations for users, I think it's good for everyone. Beginners may want to use a little extra lube and not go as long. Advanced and size kings will enjoy the immense vibrations.

    Females will also love the design. Especially the curvature, length, and size of bulbs.

    My measurements:
    Total length from handle to tip 5 3/4."
    Insertable length: 4 1/2"
    The width of the head (1st bullet): 1 3/8" at widest point & Diameter 4 1/4."
    Width of 2nd bullet: 7/8" & diameter of 3.5"

    5 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    4 1/2"
    4 1/4"
    1 3/8"
  • Performance:

    This toy is easy to use. One button to turn it on/off and another to change the patterns. When powered on, a little red light will come on. (that's displayed on one of the above pics) When powered on it will resume at the same left off.
    In other words, if turned off on #1 steady humm. It will start there the next time powered on.

    The button to change the 10 dynamic techno beat rhythm patterns is on the out end of the base. So when the toy is inserted, this button will be the outer one facing up. Makes it easy to change.

    To charge just plug the USB cord into the tip of the base. (displayed on the pic above) This port is waterproof, btw. I received my massager already charged. A full charge will last about 1hr and 45 mins. To fully charge if totally discharged took about 70 mins.

    There are two bullets. The larger one is on the tip of the shaft, and it's the strongest. The second bullet is in the next hump. It is strong but not quite as strong as the first one. The base doesn't have a bullet but will shake due to the strength of the other two.

    There wasn't an included chart with the 10 patterns with mine. I tested them in my hand, and these are my descriptions.

    All patterns were the same strength.
    1. Steady
    2. Rocking 1-2-3-4
    3. Escalating
    4. Repeating short, medium, long buzz
    5. Very long, long, short,
    6. 4 short bursts, 1 very very long buzz
    7. Repeated chugging
    8. Constant spurts
    9. Repeated long spurts
    10. Repeated long buzz

    The toy is not very loud. Can barely be heard under the blankets.

    The Experience section will tell in details how well it satisfied us.

    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
    Rechargeable / USB
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Silicone, stainless steel, and ABS plastic are the easiest toy materials to care for. They are super easy to clean being non-porous. Silicone, as everyone knows, attracts dust, lint, and particles easily. So it's necessary to rinse/clean before use.
    I like to store this in a cup standing up, but even then will need to rinse it before use. For traveling, I would use a zip lock baggie.

    Before the anal play, I strongly suggest doing an anal enema to avoid fecal matter from getting on your toy. For cleaning after play, I use the EF toy cleaner or wash several times with soap and warm water. If this picks up any odors, I will use the EF spray toy cleaner twice in a row. If odors are persistent, I will soak the toy for 10 mins in a 10% bleach to water solution.

    Note: If you have any TPR or Jelly (yuke) toys, don't let them touch any of your other toys. Their materials can leach onto any others they come in contact with.

    I recommend using a water-based lube with silicone toys. For this, I use the EF lubricant.

    Eden toy cleaner and lube
    Tall bottle of EF toy cleaner current price $9.09 EF lubricant $9.00

    Care and cleaning:
    Toy cleaner
  • Packaging:

    This arrived in a box with the Pure Fun douche kit. Both were in separate cello bags. In the cello bag were the P-spotter, a USB cord, and a black mesh bag. There weren't any instructions. Being an experienced toy user, I derived all the information right or wrong for this review on my own.

  • Personal comments:

    The Lelo Billy was one of my first anal vibrators and reviews. It lasted 3 yrs and served me very well. I got lots of multiple P-spot's O's from it. I loved it but sought something a little larger when came time for a replacement. As soon as saw this, I grabbed it. And so happy I did! It has more settings and power than the Billy and a much better shape.

    And like my Billy, the wifey, OW, loved it too.
    Myself, I wish there was a low and high setting, though.

  • Experience:

    Her experience vaginally:

    OW was the first to test this. She positioned the head of the shaft on her clitoris and cycled through the settings till found one she liked. She really enjoyed the powerful clit stimulation and was content to leave it there. However, I urged her after 10 mins to use it vaginally for purposes of this review. Now quite aroused she inserted it without lubricant.

    Again she cycled through the techno settings until I heard her moan,"Aahh." I asked her, "Is it good? How is it ?" Her reply was, "Tell you later, busy now."

    I asked, "Can you feel the base part on your clit?" Her reply was, "Not really. "The P-Driver is very flexible, so I moved the base up and started rubbing her clit with my finger. Apparently, she liked that because she re-positioned my finger and said, "Right there, honey."

    Ten - fifteen mins later I asked, "Did it make you cum ?" As always, she said no. She never divulges if she cums in the history of our sex life. Take that back, the times I made her squirts, she said, "What do you think?" I proceeded to play with my MGX powered by the FF Drei until time to go to sleep. I noticed she still had the P-Driver inside her. By now she had been using it for about 35 mins. An hour later I woke up and discovered she still had it inside her as she slept.

    The next morning I found the P-Driver on the bathroom sink totally covered with her juices. I think it is fair to say that the P-Driver gave her multiple orgasms.

    My experience:

    I used it the following day. No foreplay for me. Just lube and in it went. I did use the enema bulb to clean out first, though. Nothing worse than withdrawing an anal toy and smelling something foul. I set it on steady vibrations and left it there to get used to my new anal intruder. Then cycled experienced all the settings one by one. The setting I enjoyed the most was towards the end. This setting seemed to move the toy in and out slightly while it buzzed the heck out of me. Sorry, can't tell you which # it is. Hard to hold my notes and have this doing a number on my prostate. On all of the setting but #1, I could feel the base stimulating my perineum. The vibes were so intense I had to close my eyes. Closing my eyes and concentrating on my anal canal helped with P-spot O's.

    After about 45 mins it seems like all my organs and even my penis were rocking. It got uncomfortable, so I had to remove it. The next ensuing sessions I learned to stop playing after about 30 mins. Better to have fewer P-spot's O's than rocking internal body parts.

  • Other
    Special features:
    • Hands free
    Escalating / Multifunction / Pulsating / Vibrating
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