California Exotic Crystal clear doll - Female love doll from California Exotic

Crystal clear doll Female love doll by
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Crystal clear doll - Female love doll
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When you are ready to go down it's really important how do you do it. This new exciting love toy from California Exotic is one great tool to let your steam out in style. Not like other female love dolls, Crystal clear doll is made out of clear see-through plastic and has three inviting love passages to experience oral, anal and vaginal sex whenever and for as much as you desire it. Imagine all the fun and visual ecstasy when you'll thrust your cock into your new lover and see all the moves inside.

Catalog ID: SE192701

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    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
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    Special Features:
    • Inflatable
    • Kinky
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    • Doll Banger
      Doll Banger
      Basically your average cheap vinyl doll, with a's see through. It's pretty short so you feel a bit like you're banging a midget. The pussy is a little too far down between her legs to get good penetration, with a doll with legs in the standing position this is always a problem. On the flipside, her ass is in just the right spot and is actually the better orifice in terms of position and feel. The fun thing about this doll are the visuals. If you or your wife/girlfriend ever wonder how your cock looks while it's banging away inside someone, this is your toy. It's actually very unusual and entertaining, far more so that I'd expected. As seen from the side it looks like you're screwing the air or something, it's very unusual to see almost nothing there but feel it wrapped around you at the same time. My wife gets a kick out of watching me bang it while she uses a vibrator, and always comes when she sees me shoot inside it, so much so that she eggs me on until I explode inside it. When it's that time of the month and she's feeling frisky, she'll inflate it and lube it up as a surprise and tell me it's time to fill up the doll for her. For a cheap basic sex doll, the novelty of the clear view makes this doll a lot of fun. We'll definitely buy another when she finally pops her seams.
    • anonymous
      There is nothing like see yourself go in and out, its more of a turn on then the doll. It is a little small and awkward at first but once you explode inside it you will wish your girlfriend could be invisable too.
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