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Finally Mylie doll

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If something is aching, and it's not your heart, then the "Finally Mylie Love Doll" has 3 open holes in which to relieve the pressure. The only instrument this Diva will be playing is the skin flute! So drop your drawers and get ready to have an all out, no-holes-barred hoedown when you give this blow up doll the throw down!


Affordable as a novelty/gag item, 3-holes perky small tits, inflates easily.


No resemblance whatsoever, rough edges, cheaply made, not very pleasurable.

Best use:

"Finally Mylie" is part of Pipedream's Super Star Series, and although inspired by a pop-country crooner with a name that sounds the same (the spelling is different than on the box pictured), the doll itself looks very little, if anything like her, so the user needs to have a good imagination. In fact, this celebrity impersonator has very short black hair and a painted-on, generic face. That aside, if a tight little body & perky tits on a pint-sized, inexpensive doll are all your cup of tea, then take a few deep breaths, inflate away, and watch this blow-up babe come to life before your eyes. She'd best be given as a gag gift rather than used for intense pounding sessions, as she is certain to raise a few eyebrows and/or illicit some chuckles.
  • Material / Texture:

    This doll is constructed of a lightweight vinyl, which does have a slight chemical order. It's similar in thickness to an any other inflatable budget toy. The smooth surface will clean up easily, but because it is fairly thin, it is also susceptible to puncturing. The box does include a small patch of a vinyl plastic repair kit in case "Mylie" succumbs to any injuries during use. The surface is mostly smooth, with the exception of many visible seams and the three orifices for penetration. Being that it isn't the safest material and is semi-porous, condom use is suggested and will also make clean-up easier.

    Material safety
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    Weighing in at a mere 13 oz, this waif-like, flesh-toned doll stands about 5 feet tall, has A/B cup breasts that are cone-shaped, bisected horizontally by a sharp seam, and topped off with small, cherry-colored nipples. The rest of the body is comprised of pieces of vinyl mended together by more jagged seams which are visibly noticeable (and felt) down the front of her legs, around her waist, up her sides, on the forearm, underarm, shoulders, neck, and around the sides of the head. The arms are bent at the elbow, with the forearms outstretched. The hands are mitten-like with no finger detailing and the feet look like pegs. All-in-all, it's a very generic, basic doll design.

    As for the head, it is very small with a triangular shape to it, and all facial & hair features are painted on in black, with the exception of the red lips. There is no dimension whatsoever other than some yellow shadowing around the nose area and a black line to represent the chin and jaw portion. The hair is a short, blunt style, falling well above the neckline. As a matter of fact, from the backside, "she" could pass for a "he". There are no ears.

    The small oral cavity is round with a pink vinyl interior. It is 1-1/2 inches in diameter and roughly 4-1/2 inches of it can be penetrated all the way to the back of the head. The vaginal cavity also has a pink interior, but it has more of an oblong slit appearance to it. Its opening measures roughly 2.5 inches long and about 1-inch wide and 4-3/4 inches deep. The anal (flesh-toned interior) cavity is roughly the same length as the vaginal one, but more narrow, and just as deep. The insides of all the cavities are smooth; there's just the sharp edges on the outermost part of the opening which may irritate the user during use.

    Hair color:
    13 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    Located in the center of the back is the plastic air valve. Inflating the doll with one's mouth isn't that difficult and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. The valve pushes in so that it is flush with the back and not protruding.

    A user with a cock that has no larger than a 5-1/4-inch circumference should be able to use all the orifices of this doll, although he may not be able to penetrate them more than 4-5 inches. On the other hand, a man of substantial length and girth will find that only one, if any of the holes, will comfortably accommodate his endowment. The insides of all the holes are smooth, with no added textures other than the obvious outer rims, which could induce less than pleasant scratches and tear easily if stretched. The user could also try placing a small bullet into one of the holes for some extra sensations.

    There are no directions with this doll as to how much pressure she can withstand without bursting, but keep in mind that if you want it to last, don't do anything that could damage the toy or cause a leak. Rather than going for a ride on this filly and risking any damage, it would be best to let her straddle you or make her do all the work, with your help of course!

    In the water, she floats, just like any other pool toy. She's so light though, she'll also blow away in a fierce gust of wind!

    Special Features:
    • Inflatable
    • Travel
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Either a water-based lubricant or a silicone one can be used with this toy. Use of a condom is recommended but not mandatory. Cleaning the orifices can be done with a damp cloth, anti-bacterial soap, or entirely in the shower or bath tub.

    She's not high-maintenance, but she is bulky, so if you don't wish to leave her lying around in plain sight, the closet or under the bed are options. Or, just deflate, fold her up, pack her back in her box, and save her for the next time.

  • Packaging:

    The recyclable paper packaging is entertaining in and of itself, since it shows various poses of a sexy model scantily clad in country-inspired attire, holding a guitar, fly partially unzipped, or holding a microphone suggestively. She just so happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to her namesake, but the name on the box is actually spelled M-Y-L-I-E. There's a descriptive parody on the back, humorously showcasing her many talents and attributes.

    There are no directions. The box does indicate that the toy is sold as a novelty. The only other thing included is a 2 x 1-3/4 inch piece of a vinyl repair patch, with instructions on the reverse side of how to use it.

  • Experience:

    Yes, my partner and I were a bit creeped out at first too when we saw the box, but we laughed hysterically at the descriptive parody on the back. We fully expected to see something that looked like the real deal, only to find a nondescript, unflattering doll within that bore no likeness to the cutie that claims she can't be tamed. Well, truth be told, neither can this blow-up doll! She was all over the place and very difficult to get in to a comfortable position with. Her head would slip away when my partner tried to receive some oral satisfaction. Not to mention the fact that her vagina is placed on the front of her body below her stomach, where the real thing would not be located!

    My partner weighs about 160 pounds, so he decided to attempt "the climb" and she withstood his weight, but we didn't want to risk her popping, so instead, he just sat back on the bed and lowered her on to his cock. It was funny to watch, but it certainly didn't induce any eruptions. He said it felt "scratchy" against his shaft and even with the addition of copious amounts of lube to make insertion easier, it didn't make it any more pleasurable. Then her anal cavity tore a little, which just goes to show that this type of doll won't withstand much of a pounding.

    Finally, we launched her in to the air for a quick game of "volley doll", before retiring her for the night, so I thought! I later went downstairs to find her deflated on the floor of my partner's office. He said he wanted to see if she was more fun when he wasn't under pressure. Apparently...she wasn't! He said she was very hard to manipulate and too light to enjoy.

    Now that our curiosity about trying a blow-up doll has been satisfied (rather, extinguished!) M-Y-L-I-E, in our opinion, is great for a laugh, but if we ever want another threesome, we'll find a real woman (or man!).

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