You just bought a $5 Recycling voucher that lets you send to us for recycling as many sex toys as you want in one package. Here is how you have to prepare them for the shipment. Please, follow these instructions to assist us with the process.

  • Packing slip:

    You have been provided with a slip that you must fill out and include in your package when shipping it to the Recycling Center. We also ask that you list the number of toys and their type.

  • Shipping address:

    The Recycling Center facility address has been provided for your convenience. Please attach the address slip to the top of your box. The proper address will insure uninterrupted and expedited delivery. We recommend using USPS Parcel post shipping service for sending your toys to the center. It is the most economical service and available at any local post office.

Preparation instructions:

  1. 1Empty all battery compartments.
  2. 2Wash all toys that you are sending.
  3. 3Do not send in detachable cords, chargers, holders, or packaging

Shipping instructions:

  1. 1Make sure all of the items you're about to send are indeed acceptable. Reference the Do-Not-Send list (below).
  2. 2Don't forget to fill out and include the required packing slip inside your package.
  3. 3Pack your toys in a corrugated box or a durable non-clear plastic bag. Seal securely with packing tape.
  4. 4Please note, you are responsible for the shipping postage of your package to our facility.
  • Coupon:

    The coupon included is for one time use on any product on You can transfer the coupon to another person; however, it is for one use only. The coupon does not expire.
    Apply the coupon in your shopping cart when checking out on EdenFantasys. The coupon gives you the indicated discount toward ALL eligible products in your cart.

  • It does not cover your shipping expenses or sales tax. If lost, the coupon cannot be reinstated or duplicated. If you've purchased a recycling kit from an establishment other than, the coupon provided might not be accepted by EdenFantasys. Please follow the instructions on how to prepare your toys, where to ship them and how to use your coupon.


Toys You can send for Recycling:

  •  Vibrators and bullets (remove all batteries and do not send chargers)
  •  Dildos of any material (silicone, rubber, wood, ceramic, metal, glass etc)
  •  Cock rings, anal toys, plugs, pocket pussies, life-size pussies etc. All insertable bullets should be taken out of the toys and sent disassembled, without batteries.
  •  Each Recycling Kit / voucher is valid for a one time shipment of your toys. To send more toys in the future, you will have to procure another Recycling Kit from Eden Fantasys.
  •  All merchandise sent to the recycling facility belongs to Joy and Evy Dogs; you cannot request for it to be returned to you after the package is received by Web Merchants or its recycling partners.

Items you Can Not send for recycling ("Do-Not-Send" List):

  •  Lubricants
  •  Lingerie
  •  Candles
  •  Books
  •  DVDs and CDs
  •  Condoms
  •  Toy covers (like condoms)
  •  Packaging
  •  Any non-toy items, including domestic electronics, household items, etc