September 19, 2012

Butt Toy Breakdown

by KaraSutra

Because there are so many different butt toys on the market, some that often beget a ‘wtf is that for?’, I figured I’d explain what the most common products are and what they’re used for.

The Breakdown

Because there are so many different butt toys on the market, some that often beget a ‘wtf is that for?’, I figured I’d explain what the most common products are and what they’re used for:

|,21433,21434,22919 | Pure Plugs by Njoy]Butt Plugs: Butt plugs are designed to be inserted in the butt and held in place by the sphincter muscles. Because the muscles naturally react by clenching and unclenching around the stem and head of the plug, it often gives the impression of being “plugged up," as the name would imply. Basically put, you insert them in your ass and they stay there, providing a pleasurable sensation of fullness and/or pressure. Because many plugs are smaller in size, they tend to be great for those that are easily intimated or afraid of inserting anything in their butt.

*the Tantus Ryder is a good example of a body safe butt plug. Some other great probes include the Vixen Creations Buddy, any of the Crystal Delights Plugs (comes with a genuine Swarovski Crystal in the base), any of the Njoy Pure Plugs.

Anal Probes: While the name may sound somewhat scary, thanks to the association with 'alien anal probing,' this type of product is surprisingly pleasurable. Unlike plugs, which tend to be rather small by comparison, probes usually describe any type of longer sized intimate accessory that offers deeper anal penetration. Very often you’ll find they come in a tapered shape with some form of texture whether it’s ribbing, rippling or otherwise.

*the Fun Factory Cavalier is a good example of a body safe anal probe. Some other great probes include the Tantus Ripple, Anaconda, or the Fun Factory Wanda.

| | Flexi Felix by Fun Factory ]Anal Beads: Because stimulation of the anus and surrounding areas can offer a surprising amount of pleasure, many people have shed their inhibitions and begun to explore anal play with products like anal beads. As the name would suggest, anal beads consist of multiple balls or spheres of similar or varying sizes which are inserted anally and removed at varying speeds (totally depends on personal preference) during orgasm as the pleasurable feeling of having them pass through the narrow sphincter can help to enhance the experience.

Unfortunately not all beads are created equally, especially when it comes to body safe materials. Things you’ll want to consider when choosing a set of beads are: silicone or non-porous material for both the beads and the ‘cord’ to which they’re attached (nylon, lycra and other fabric materials are all porous and therefore cannot be fully sterilized), beads that are fixed in place – meaning they don’t move up or down the ‘cord’ and are firmly set in place, a sturdy handle for removal and absolutely no seams or sharp edges.

*the Fun Factory Flexi Felix is a good example of body safe anal beads. Some other great probes include the Fun Factory Bendy Beads, Ophoria A Chain, and Tantus Beads.

Prostate Stimulator/Massagers: The prostate, more commonly known as the “p-Spot," is located few inches inside the anal canal of the male body (women don’t have one) and forms a part of the male reproductive system, with the main function of the prostate being to produce the fluid that protects and enriches sperm. Because the nerves that control erections surround the prostate, many have found that applying pressure to the p-spot or stimulating it via massage is highly pleasurable. As such, there are many specifically designed to massage the area and intensify stimulation.

For some it’s the sensation of ‘fullness’ that brings pleasure, for others it’s stimulation of specific areas like the ‘p-spot’ that do it. Regardless of your specific likes or dislikes, so long as you’re being safe and using a product specifically designed for anal play, I say embrace it and enjoy it!

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