May 24, 2023

Do I Like Sex Machines? As a Man, I Love ‘Em

by ThatGuyWithTheToys

Hey there, fellow seekers of passion! I'm a 50-year-old retired guy. In my 27-year-long loving relationship with my amazing wife, Laura, we've discovered something extraordinary - we're not afraid to embrace our adventurous side when it comes to sex. Let me begin by saying that I'm in love with sex machines. The motorized dildo, the thing that thrusts on its own, the toy that had changed everything.

The Power Of Sex Machines

By embracing these devices, my wife and I have discovered a whole new level of mutual satisfaction.

I must mention that I am one of those fellas who have no issues with their women having solo fun with sex toys, and it would never occur to me to be jealous of the thing, BUT - a sex machine is more than just a motorized sex toy. Their persistence and power are very close to having a "character," frankly, I think if we didn't start sharing the machine (aka using it on me, too), I would've grown jealous. 'Cause those are some orgasms, my friends. She screams, begs it to stop, but it doesn't...
By the way, hence the scenes I've mentioned - the whole orgasm-chasing process is a performance now, a fantasy, and an elaborate one at that.

We began with the cuckold fantasy, and it smashed me to pieces. I'm a pretty secure guy, and we even discussed the kink with my wife before, but as I said, recreating it with plain-ass dildos was not even close to the real thing. When she was ready and spread for it and I just sat there, not being able to touch her, I experienced a level of arousal I never felt before. The possessiveness, the lust, the longing - a lot of things went into it, but there was something I couldn't identify.

Journey into Fantasy

Our next step was threesome fantasy - something she really wanted to try, inspired by all those smutty books of hers.
BTW, please check out the article by my friend, another fellow blogger, how she feels about sex machines as a plus-size lady, who just so happens also to love to read smut.

So, it was an MFM scenario, and we just went for it. I gave her oral and the machine plunged inside her. The view, how wet she became, the noises she made - it was wonderful, no doubt, but there was still that feeling I couldn't not comprehend.
When I have finally been able to share it and talk about it, the communication fostered a stronger emotional connection between us. I bet she expected me to say to lay it down or get rid of it, but I wanted it for myself. By watching her fall apart, I really wanted to feel the same thing, being so pleased you are close to looking possessed. By being vulnerable, honest, and supportive of each other's fantasies, we have cultivated an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance, reinforcing our bond as a couple. That talk almost made me cry - and we have been talking openly and consistently about our desires ever since.

Unleashing New Pleasures: Sex Machine For Men

And then we tried it on me.

As someone who enjoys prostate massage, I was ready to be blown away. We have tried pegging once or twice because, apparently, the idea of surrendering to pleasure was somewhat attractive to me even before our sex machine escapade had begun. But pegging never stuck because it's not Linda's preference to top, and her thighs weren't ready for the thrusting I required.

She said that we might begin by buying a masturbating attachment, but I wanted this, raw and rough, n anal ses machine for men in its prime. And when it happened, it was nothing like all the P-spot things we have tried before. I felt it in my core, I was so hard I was practically leaking, and my mental state was as close to a subspace as it could've been without going into hardcore kink. Because it wasn't! It wasn't painful, it wasn't even hardcore - it was amazing, freeing, very consistent, absolutely faultless moves that I have been craving. I have discovered that sex machines provide consistent and targeted stimulation that surpasses what can be achieved manually or with any other toy. These devices' mechanical precision and repetitive motion have enabled me to experience heightened pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms.

The Impact of Sex Machines on Long-Term Relationships

After decades together, it's natural for sexual routines to become familiar. However, this sex machine have injected an explosion of orgasmic sparkles into our intimate life. These devices have the power to reignite passion and break the monotony, creating an exhilarating and fresh dynamic that keeps our sexual encounters thrilling and unpredictable.

For couples seeking to explore new dimensions of pleasure and connection, sex machines can be an incredible addition to their intimate lives. From enhancing exploration and adventure to fostering trust and intimacy, these devices have brought immense joy and satisfaction to my marriage.

By embracing all the admittedly very naughty but very awesome things machines have to offer, my wife and I have deepened our bond, explored our desires, and created a more vibrant and fulfilling sexual relationship. It is important to remember that every couple is unique, and what works for us may not work for others. However, with open-mindedness, consent, and a willingness to communicate, sex machines can be a valuable tool in pursuing a fulfilling and passionate partnership.

The Bottom Line

I would have never known until I tried. I expected this experiment would be much more than just buying an automatic thrusting machine - it was a step within myself I was NOT expecting to make. Making me feel more masculine, bringing my wife and me closer than ever, keeping us incredibly satisfied, absolutely reinventing our ideas of what's sexy - that's not even a full list of what I owe to a sex machine.