October 24, 2012

She Plays, He Plays: A Toy That Isn’t

by Rydell Johnson

When we offered Rydell and Susan a “batty dong,” we didn’t realize we were opening them up to a whole new world of sexual possibilities. Read their account of the fun they had with [https://www.edenfantasys.com/dildos/strap-on-dildos/vixen-leo|Leoweenie] by Vixen, and find out what they learned!

Location, Location, Location

After the fact, we realized that the shower is — was — virgin toy territory for us. We’ve enjoyed vibrating panties and various exerciser balls out in the world, but as Susan says, “For whatever reason, vibrators and dildos and such have been essentially limited to the bedroom.”

It seems as though the Leo may change that. “I really liked having it in the shower,” Susan says. “The whole suction cup thing was a revelation for me. I’d never seen or heard of that, and it sort of exploded my whole concept of what a toy can or can’t be. Think of it this way: I understand that there are a lot of couples that use these kinds of toys to add a different dimension to their sexual escapades — and obviously we do, too. But somebody still has to be both mentally and physically responsible for managing the operation. Somebody must focus on and dedicate at least one hand to positioning the vibe or inserting the dildo. As fun as they are, and as much as they can heighten or intensify or add to the whole experience, they also add extra responsibility, and that extra responsibility can sometimes defeat the purpose.

“But the Leo, when stuck to the wall in my shower, is autonomous. I don’t have to be responsible for it. Rydell doesn’t have to hold it. Neither one of us has to think about it. I bend over, and it fucks me. Sure, I have to rock back and forth, but that’s natural. I guess the best way to explain it is that it’s the first toy we’ve tried that doesn’t feel like a toy. It doesn’t feel like something extra.”

Extra Attention

Susan makes a great point, but she’s not being entirely truthful either. As soon as she got into a good rhythm with the Leo, she took me in her mouth — so she definitely had something extra.

“Well, if you put it like that, I guess you’re right,” Susan says. “With the Leo in my pussy and Rydell in my mouth, there were moments when I really did feel as though I was with two guys … and god, that felt naughty.”

That sense of reality is all thanks to the toy’s aforementioned autonomy. “Rydell wasn’t reaching around my ass in some awkward, mood-killing Twister move to put the dildo inside me, and I had my mouth and both hands available to service him. If I really was getting double teamed in the shower, that’s how it would be.”

Before I climaxed, I turned Susan around and took the place of the Leo. “It was perfect timing,” she says. “I was so turned on, and I wanted Rydell to finish inside me. But at one point I looked down and saw the dildo still stuck on the wall. I can’t believe I’m admitting this … I actually reached down and stroked it a couple times. I guess my instincts took over and for a split second I thought ‘Leo’ can’t be left out now. That’s how lost in the moment I was. So, Rydell’s absolutely correct: It didn’t feel like we had an extra toy or extra responsibilities. It felt like I got to experience an extra cock.”