December 01, 2012

SexIs Subjective: Hell yes!

by Arlinnae

To buy toys, or not to buy toys...that's the question!

Would I give one?

Yes! I would love to see the surprise on his face, a wondering, dreamy expression of what we could be doing with it, seeing as he gets turned on by just thinking how kinky we could get. no no no...

But then some strange ideas popped up in my mind – the objective did not specify anything about from whom, to whom and when it would be given. The first colorful image that popped into my mind was opening a kinky present (say, an anal hook or a trainer ball gag) from my partner, with mum and dad leaning over the package to see what I got. It would make an exciting Christmas for sure – can he outrun the bullets from mum’s rifle? Or receiving anything sexy from my grandmother – that would surely be a total mood-killer.

The next image was my boss receiving an over-sized, inflatable plug from the director of the company – and it made me shiver in disgust. Something like that happening would be hell. Hell no, I don’t want to see that!

In all depends on the circumstances.

Note to self: triple check the tags on the presents to not give the prostate massager to grandpa by accident!