December 13, 2012

You, Your Partner, and Your Kink

by CrazyWolfChick

To nuzzle is one thing, but what if you need to tell your partner you prefer a bite? Or handcuffs? Will they accept it, or will they run far away?

And now, the Introduction

Once you’ve actually told them about your kink, introducing it to the bedroom is relatively easy. It takes some patience and some slowness, but the payoff is wonderful. Just remember: your partner is less advanced on your kink. For some kinks, like stockings, this is not a big deal, but if you’re experimenting with something more extreme, such as breathplay, bondage, or even spanking, it’s best to take the whole thing slowly and let them know that they have the power to stop everything at a seconds notice. Never forbid your partner from backing out on a kink, and especially never guilt them for doing so. This is the fastest way to find that your partner doesn’t want to indulge you in the bedroom with a surprise of some kind.

As with all parts of your relationship and sex life, treat your and your partner’s kinks with respect and grace. Don’t freak out at their kink, and they won’t panic at yours.

It’s always worth it to keep them in the loop with your sexual well being, rather than to shove your kinks away into some small locked box, until your partner comes home to you wearing their mother's heels and tying yourself up in some awkward pose with candle wax in reaching distance.

That tends to give them a small shock.