August 06, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl : It's all in the Attitude.

by XxXxX

Whether we are talking about Mothers, Cam Whores, or sexual fetishes; it all comes down to attitude. And as much as people believe, attitude is everything. I am here to tell you, you are full of shit. Attitude means nothing if you can't back it up with the rest of you.

My attitude is my money maker!

As a cam girl I have a certain persona that draws people in. Does that mean I am the same person with every paying customer? Oh Hell no! I have people that come in and love my sweet as a Georgia peach attitude, and I have people that come in and love how I tell them < insert sarcasm here> they are the total fucking highlight of my day and I can now rest knowing that the biggest porn loving douche bag has blessed the end of my day with his appearance. Everyone has their own quirks, likes and dislikes, and my job is to be everything they want with as little information as possible.

Now, that doesn't mean that just because you are in my session, credit card charging and ready to go, that I have to be and do what you want when you want it. There again, my attitude comes into play. If a paying viewer comes into my room and is looking for is sweet little vixen and I am PMSing a ready to tear someone’s fucking pecker off if they look at me the wrong way, needless to say, they don’t get what they want. But that doesn't mean that they leave empty handed. My regular viewers mostly like my attitudes. Whichever may be shining through at that point, Even though they are mostly just for show? As I said, I am very laid back; I take things as they come. I am true my word and I know that the people paying deserve a certain level of respect, but what I need to make clear, is they actually like it when I am a bitch. They beg for it!

I am known throughout the company as a bitch with an attitude. Someone that doesn't care what anyone thinks and even someone (virtually) steps to me, they will get smacked down and put in their place. That is the cam girl persona that works for me, and is very highly desired. They also know that I am a mother hen and if anyone steps to my regulars, my fellow cam girls, or anyone else that doesn't deserve it. I will be there to rock their world. That’s just how I roll! Ha-ha!

Session Insider: Humiliate me!

Now, Mr. Wickles, As I call him, due to his incredible skinny and short pecker that looks like it belongs on top of a birthday candle, THINKS that he wants to be humiliated. Now I'm sure this will be a controversial topic, being as how it really isn't 'true' humiliation. But, here it goes anyway; Mr. Wickles likes to be verbally humiliated. Basically I tell him how small his pecker is and how his face looks like something that was smashed up against a wall once, twice or maybe 100 times to many. He does not like to be picked on about his weight which is a big no no and deal breaker. Now, typically when someone wants to be humiliated, you humiliate them using what you know will truly bother them, in this case, his weight. But, its off limits, so I don’t understand why he wants it at all, he obviously isn’t really humiliated and his true hot buttons are off limits which to me, makes it all pointless, but as I have said before, who am I to ruin someone’s fantasy!

A typical night with Mr. Wickles starts the second he enters his room. I make him strip naked and just laugh, I laugh and make jokes about his tiny dick and his ugly face, I point out how he is too short, too hairy and all around disgusting. Then I ask him simple questions, can you actually fuck a pussy with a cock that small? Now he is big on answering with a simple “I don't know ". My rule, every time your dumb ass says I don’t know because you are too fucking stupid to answer a simple question. You leave the room for 1 minute and I raise my price $1.00. This happens until my price is maxed out at $12.00 per minute and usually takes about 30 minutes to accomplish. By then I dare him to stroke until he blows and try to get me horny while he does it. The entire time I laugh and degrade him saying that with a vision like that in my head I won't even be able to make myself cum for a week until the mental picture is gone. After about 15 more minutes of that, He blows, I laugh at his inability to produce a 'man-size' load, and then I tell him to get his ugly fucking ass out of my room and curse him for wasting my time. Making a couple hundred dollars I smile, and move on.


Now, I want to hear what you think about this whole attitude thing. Do you really think someone’s attitude says everything about them? There are many different sides to people, why focus only on the one that you don't particularly agree with, or only focus on the one you like? Is that the same as judging a book by its cover?

So, I hope you liked the insider on Mr. Wickles or at least, got a chuckle from it.

There are more articles coming out soon, check back!