January 19, 2013

Naughty Teacher Nixed Over Pornographic Past Will Not Be Allowed To Teach Anymore

by MrWill

A 32 year old female teacher was fired for performing in porn, during a lull in her career and due to financial hardship. Learn more about the ordeal here.

Public Opinion on the Matter

Should a woman who did what was necessary to provide for herself be publicly destroyed in this manner? Do you think she should have been rehired?

Is it fair in this day and age to hold to past (especially a past that didn't harm anyone) against someone and keep them from getting or keeping a job?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Could it have been handled better?

Perhaps she could have been given a job teaching sex-education to the kids (I know I would have paid more attention to a former porn-star than my 50 year old male coach that also taught science), or even offered a position as a speaker. She could talk to young girls in the district, explain to the them what working in porn is like and try to encourage them to pursue other careers.