Officer sexy Roleplay costume

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Product: Officer sexy
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Size: ML
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What makes it awesome

  • Break the law by looking sinfully sexy in that police roleplay bodysuit with seductive cutouts, complete with a detachable tie and badge.
  • Get a taste of power play as you exercise your authority over your lover and make them put their hands on your behind.
  • Enjoy the authenticity of your character with the detachable tie and badge to play with in the middle of your scene.
  • Use the sinful cutouts of the bodysuit to accentuate your curves and to offer your criminal a way to atonement (with their tongue).

A closer look

Let your roleplay scenario take you into a dimly lit interrogation room, where one very good (and searing hot) cop aims to break a very bad (and smoking hot) criminal boss. Let the scene roll as your power struggle unfolds, and the sexual tension grows. Your criminal tugs on their chains, desperate to touch you, and you reveal nothing - and everything at the same time - daunting them with the view of your delicious body thru those cutouts in your uniform bodysuit. You're tired playing good cop-naughty cop, so you get on the table, neither of you expecting to keep silent anymore.

How it looks

The set includes: Bodysuit, Badge, Detachable Tie

Bottom style: Panty

Color: Black / Blue

Pattern: Solid

Material: Polyester / Spandex

How it fits

Size: ML

Weight: 0.5 lb

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Charm Wear

Catalog ID: ET11604

How it works

Lingerie closure: Zipper

Lingerie special features: No underwire

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