Lusty chains belt Fetish belt

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Over and under clothes

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Product: Lusty chains belt
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What makes it awesome

  • Feel irresistible with this alluring waist harness, looking irresistibly gorgeous over clothes and seductive under them.
  • Let the faux-leather belts sinch your waist and frame your thighs.
  • Slowly undo the sexy metal buckles and give in to your desires.
  • Emphasize your sensual curves with the metal chains that cross your cheeks and lay on your skin enticingly.

A closer look

Yes to passion, yes to love, and yes to sweet words, but how about a little excitement? A little spark of danger, a little vibe that digs deeper into your desires and brings to the surface some power-play fantasies? The metal chains and the leather belts will surely pull out a beast from inside of you. Make friends with it and enjoy.

How it looks

Bottom style: Open back

Color: Black

Pattern: Solid

Material: Metal / Polyurethane

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Charm Wear

Catalog ID: ET13890

How it fits

Size: One size fits most

How it works

Lingerie closure: Buckle

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