Lover's Choice Inc. Silk seductions - Sensual kit from Lover's Choice Inc.

Silk seductions Sensual kit by Lover's Choice Inc.
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"Experience the erotic pleasure of bondage" and "unleash your inner desires" with the Silk Seductions™ bondage kit courtesy of Lover's Choiceâ„¢. The set includes two faux-silk ties and an erotic bondage guide. If you like to "seduce or be seduced" then this is the item for you, complete with a variety of possibilities awaiting you and your partner. The two faux-silk ties can be used as blindfolds for sense deprivation, hand or leg ties for restraint, a makeshift striptease, and more, your imagination is the limit. Also, you can use the guide to learn about bondage, and receive tips and ideas to make your night of seduction one of "style and luxury."

Catalog ID: LOV005

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

    The set includes:
    • Two faux-silk ties
    • Bondage guide
    2 oz
  • Performance

    Special Features:
    • Bachelor party
    • Bachelorette party
    • Birthday party
    • Gifts
    • Kinky
    • Wedding party

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