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This whip pleasantly surprised me! I found it to be great for teasing and using as a couple. It's even sturdy enough to stand up to many uses. I loved the real leather but didn't care for the tacky pink vinyl handle. This would be an excellent beginner whip to try out.


Genuine leather
Fairly well-made


Beginners only
Pink vinyl!
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Size / Material / Features:

    The Good:
    The leather thongs are suede! I love the smell and feel of leather, so this pleased me. The thongs are very well anchored in the handle — pulling, even hard, on them is no problem. I don't foresee any falling out with use or time. The loop on the bottom is also quite secure and can more than handle its own weight when hanging. The entire object is quite light, which means that anyone can use it, even those with arthritis, coordination issues, or those who find handling a heavy toy too laborious.

    The Bad:
    The handle is wrapped in pink vinyl. And it's very clearly wrapped — pinching the handle a little makes the vinyl come up off the core of whatever the handle is actually made of, just a little. It doesn't feel very loose, but it doesn't feel like quality, either. Personally, I find the pink vinyl rather tacky, and there are not other colors offered. The details on the vinyl are fairly attractive, I would offer — there are some faux stitching and polygonal designs throughout.

    The Sinful's handle is about 6" in length.
    The thongs are 9" in length.
    The loop is about 2.5" in length (double for full length or circumference of whatever knob you want to hang it on).

    handle length
    thongs length

    Leather / Vinyl
    Material safety
    Black / Pink
    15 1/2"
    3.7 oz
  • Performance:

    I had never tried a whip before this toy. I was actually blown away! I didn't know what to expect from the sensation, even though I already knew I loved spanking. I used the Sinful with my boyfriend and it was fun — it got us both in the mood.

    The Sinful was truly excellent when he used it on me, first softly teasing my thighs and lower back with the suede thongs. Giving me a truly stinging swipe was just breathtaking, especially when the cool handle is pressed to the hot mark right after! Its short length and light weight really make it ideal for being fast and multi-functional. I would say the Sinful has all the sting of a medium to strong strength spank without the impact.

    After using it enthusiastically for twenty minutes, I had no marks. This may be a pro or a con. I also had no lasting feeling of having been 'whipped'. Again, this is either a pro or a con, but perhaps it will appeal to beginners who just want to dip their toes in the water.

    On him, it was best used to sting the inner thighs, chest, shoulders and back. He really enjoyed the feeling of draping the thongs across his balls and then lightly using the handle to press and massage.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    I wasn't interested in displaying the Sinful (I have roommates!), so into the original packaging it went, which is a rather flimsy, heavy paper box. It had a plastic tube to pull over the thongs, which helps with storage somewhat, but obviously these are not very attractive storage options.
    Sinful pack

    Again, the thongs are leather. I don't know enough to recommend solvents, but I know they're out there. The lasting problem, however, will be bacteria since leather is highly porous and the multiple thongs offer a lot of surface area.

  • Other
    Safety features:
    Phthalates free
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