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Slapper big grip Paddle by Rachel's Pleasures
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S&M fans everywhere will appreciate the Slapper for its sturdy construction and its big grip "for big punishment", and unlike a lot of other purported punishment toys out there, this paddle is sizeable and made out of high-quality black leather, so it's ready to get as rough as you want it!

Just remember to play fair, and always agree on a safety word beforehand you can use if you want to stop. It's important to communicate about what you do and don't enjoy, and you'll find that greatly enhances your love life.

The paddle measures a lofty twenty inches (that's no slap on the wrist) and splits into two at its end; this amplifies that lovely whipping sound.

So whether you like it rough or gentle, a first-rate paddle like this one will facilitate experimentation and make your playtime more "playful".

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