The Stephanie Swift's exotic arouser is presented by California Exotic (manufacturer) and EdenFantasys.

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Designed for partner play, the Exotic arouser™ from Wicked™ "essensual elements" provides more excitement for two than some toys do for one-and all at a smaller size than the average cell phone.

Here's how it works: The ring is put on the penis, and a micro-bullet is inserted into the ring. The bullet creates vibrations, and in addition to serving as an erection enhancer, the vibrations also flow to the front end to stimulate the clitoris as well. Even though the micro-bullet runs on watch sized batteries it's still quite powerful and can be used independently on, e.g., the clitoris.

The clit arouser is shaped like an ancient Egyptian, and his elaborate head garb is adorned with a short and flexible snake that caresses your erogenous zone.

The Exotic arouser's™ dual functions are all the more thrilling and sensual due to the ultra soft and stretchy jelly it's made from.

Anyone can enjoy this small wonder with their partner, and we especially recommend it for the couple who want to spice up their love life.

"Nothing gets my juices flowing like the sight of my man sporting a full-on and nothing insures that like this little number! And as if that's not enough, the stimulator's a little ticket to heaven!"

-Stephanie Swift, Wicked Girl™

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