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Get what you want without saying a word and get ready for some seriously sexy seduction strategies. Bestselling sex and relationships author, body language guru, and TV "flirt queen" Tracey Cox is about turn up the vamp volume. "Superflirt" teaches you how to use your own, and read other people's body language, so you can shamelessly manipulate your way into(just about)anyone's heart. Sassy, cool, fresh, and very funny, it's the must-have manual for anyone who ever asked the question "Do you think they like me?"

Want to know how to spot who is flirting and who is just being friendly? Find out if someone is interested in you before they know themselves? Learn how to read people like a book, increase your sex appeal in an instant, and boost your confidence sky-high. Your flirt master class starts here.

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    Tracey Cox
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    DK Publishing
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    2003 year
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    • Essin' Em
      Essin' Em
      I had high hopes for this book (despire the cover being pink) and was quite dissapointed with it. It seems superficial, sexist, and just generally...well...ditzy? I really got nothing out of reading it, and it's just sat collecting dust on my bookshelf for years, as I can't think of anyone to wish it upon. Not impressed. -Essin' Em,
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