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System JO pheromone spray for men

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This was a neat product to try -- I wish that the scent was less strong, however (or at least that it smelled better). I also wish there was a way to really test whether or not the pheromones actually elicited a response. And maybe in the end that doesn't matter -- maybe if you feel sexier wearing it, you look sexier and that's all it takes!


Pretty container, goes on easily, may or may not increase attraction.


Smells bad, who knows if it works?

Best use:

This product -- a pheromone spray for men -- is designed for, as you probably guessed, men. To spray on themselves. I have to admit that everything about it makes me think of the Old Spice "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" ads on Youtube. I mean, "We're not saying this body wash will make your man smell into a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it" could have been printed right on the label (if there was a label).

So, in essence, this is for men who want to attract women they couldn't otherwise attract. Or who want to smell like men that they don't smell like. Or who want to rev their girl (or boy? I don't know if the pheromones are gender-neutral) beyond their usual capacity.

In truth, I think this spray works about as well as saying, "I'm on a horse," (humor --gets the girls every time!) but not as well as just hiring a muscle-bound, towel-wrapped man to urge your girl to "Look at Me. Look at your Man. Now, back to me."
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    The spray is a fine mist that doesn't cover a very wide area. The directions recommend putting it on below your collarbone just after a shower. If your skin isn't fully dry, it does feel a bit like it's running, though. Once it dries, it doesn't leave a stickiness or anything, however. It also doesn't seem to stain shirts and/or towels.

  • Taste / Aroma:

    Despite being described as odor-free, this spray definitely has a scent, and a fairly strong one at that. We sprayed it on the boy post shower, and then sniffed. It isn't a musky scent, although there is some musk in there, but more like a chemical scent. It reminded me of my grandfather's tackle box -- a little plastic and rubber, a little deer urine, and something else that I didn't want to delve too closely into.

    We smelled him every ten minutes or so, just to see how long it lasted. After about an hour, I leaned down to sniff his skin:

    Me: -sniff- Yep. Still smells bad.
    Him: I know! It makes me not want to fuck me.

    So, yeah. It wasn't fuckable, at least in the scent category. I didn't lick it, since the directions didn't say anything about the pheromones working better via mouth.

  • Performance:

    Yes, but does it actually work? Well, it's hard to say. The boy and I have a pretty active sex life, so the fact that we got aroused and/or had sex numerous times while he was wearing it wasn't something we could chalk up to the pheromones. Although, in truth, even if the pheromones WERE working, we were clearly noticing the smell in a bad way. Along the lines of:

    Me: Ack! I just stuck my face in the crook of your neck. That stuff still stinks.

    Him: -evil laugh- Hey, if I have to smell it, you have to smell it.

    We actually showered it off at least once before we had sex so as not to be distracted by the odor.

    I also made him wear it to work as well as out and about to see if anyone else found it a super turn-on. The response was a basic shrug, "Not that I noticed."

    So, I don't know. Do the pheromones work to attract mates and/or turn on someone else? It's hard to say. Perhaps if they don't get close enough to smell the actual product. (And, yes, I wore it too, just to test it and didn't notice anyone hitting on me more than usual...).

  • Packaging:

    I thought the packaging was pretty and even a little sexy, in a James Bond kind of way. It would be great to carry around with you, and to travel with.

    0.17 fl.oz.
    1.7 oz
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    Special Features:
    • Sensual enhancer
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