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Cal Exotic's Tantric Love Cuffs are a good introduction to the world of restraint play. The stretchy material will fit a variety of users (but not all). They offer light restraint that should make new players comfortable. More advanced users will likely find these not restrictive enough, but the visual of the sensual red ribbon may still be enough to warrant adding these to a collection.


Adjustable to a variety of users, beautiful appearance, good for new restraint players.


Not for more advanced players, easy to get out of on smaller wrists/ankles.

Best use:

The Cal Exotics Tantric Binding Love Cuffs are a wrist or ankle restraint set. The cuffs are sewn together and bind the hands or feet for light BDSM play. The material is stretchy and will accommodate a range of users. The cuffs are adorned with red ribbon for a sensual and pretty accent. This ribbon can also be used to tighten up the amount of restraint provided by the cuffs.

Cuffs are best used with a partner, but due to the stretchy material you could actually bind yourself with these as well if so desired. By binding the wrists or ankles, you restrict the movement of the bound partner. This opens the doors to restraint play. You can pick up two sets if you want to restrain both the wrists and ankles. For additional sensation, a blindfold can be added into the mix.

The Tantric Cuffs are best suited to those just starting in restraint play. They are not overly restricting and can be removed fairly easily if you get uncomfortable with the situation. For more advanced restraint players, these will likely not offer enough actual restraint. Of course, advanced users may still want to add them to their collection just for the pretty appearance.

As with any BDSM play, be it light or heavy, make sure you have a safe word. Even with light play you want to be sure that you can signal if things get to be too much.

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The Tantric Cuffs are listed as being made from Polyester and rubber. The ribbon is polyester while the cuffs are 65% polyester and 35% rubber. The ring in the middle of the cuffs is a nickel-free alloy.

    The ribbon feels much like most ribbon. It's silky on one side and a bit rougher on the other. It has a shiny finish on the silky side.

    The cuffs have a bit of shine to them. The material that makes them up allows for them to be super stretchy. The cuffs have small lines that run across them, which can be felt when you run your hands along them.

    The overall quality of the material is high, especially given the price point of the cuffs. There are a few loose seams, but none that would cause any breaking or tearing of the cuffs. The ribbon is sewn tightly on, where it cannot easily be ripped from the cuffs.

    The nickle-free alloy ring is lightweight. It's not the same quality that you'll find in more expensive cuffs, but there is no chipping or other issues in the appearance.

    So long as the cuffs are not put through rigorous play sessions, they should last a long time. While they will withstand some struggle and pulling, there is a possibility that the seams could start to weaken over time, especially with lots of pressure put on them.

    The cuffs are a one size fits all. Of course, this won't be true for everyone. The stretchy material does allow for a range of sizes in wrist and ankle measurements to use these. The larger the size it's stretching around, the tighter the grip of the cuffs will feel. My wrists are small at 5.5" around, and these are a bit loose on me. My ankles are 7.75" around, and at that measurement it begins to become a tight fit. It can stretch to accommodate a bit more around than that, but note that the fit will be much more constrictive. It will fit more wrists than it will ankles.

    The cuffs measure 7" across in total length. Each cuff is 3.5" across. The cuffs can be stretched to about 4.25" across each. From top to bottom the cuffs measure 3".

    The design of the Tantric Cuffs is one of the highlights of the product. The cuffs are created by sewing the material together in the middle. Again, the stitching is done well and tight so that it won't tear. On the front of the cuffs is a red bow. Below this is an attachment of two long strands of red ribbon. In between the two strands is a D ring that's in the shape of a top of a heart. This ring in the middle can be used to tie the middle ribbons or to attach the cuffs to another restraint toy (such as an under the bed system).

    Here you can see the D ring in the shape of a heart:

    The ring is attached via the ribbon. It is placed in a loop created with the ribbon. If you decide to use this ring to attach to something like an under bed system, I would caution not to be too aggressive in pulling on it, as it could cause a rip in the ribbon that holds the ring in.

    Polyester / Rubber
    Material safety
    Black / Red
    0.1 lb
  • Performance:

    The Tantric Cuffs work well for light restraint play. If you're one that actively tries to get out of restraints when placed in them, these will not work for you. They are pretty easy to get out of as you can just slip your hands back through them. If you have larger wrists/ankles, this effect would be lessened due to the restriction of the material. Since the cuffs are somewhat loose on my wrists, I'm able to get out of them with ease.

    If you want to tighten the restraint, you can use the attached ribbon to do so. The ribbons can be wrapped around the cuffs tightly and then tied together using the ring in the front. This won't make it a heavy duty restraint cuff, but it will lessen the ability to get out of the cuffs quickly.

    I found the best use for these cuffs was to add a pretty accent to our restraint play. I don't usually attempt to get out of restraints, so the fact that I could get out of these isn't too big of an issue. On nights when I want heavier play, I would reach for more heavy duty cuffs. I find that these are best used for sensual or light play, or simply to add a visual of being bound while not being overly restricted.

    Here you can see the cuffs on (note that I didn't tie the ribbon as I was doing this all by myself!):

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Tantric Cuffs shouldn't need too much in the way of care. If stains do get on them, the best way to clean them would be with a damp cloth. I would not recommend submerging them in water, though you may be able to do so without damaging the integrity of the cuffs. It's always best to be on the safe side, so sticking with a warm cloth to remove stains is your best bet.

    The cuffs can be folded in half, and then they take up very little space. They can then be placed in a drawer or in a baggie for safe keeping.

  • Packaging:

    The Tantric Cuffs come in a box that is meant for hanging in a store (with the hole at the top). The front has a picture of a female with nothing on but the cuffs. Her hands are placed to cover her breasts, and the package cuts off at her waist. That said, it's not discreet packaging. The front says "Tantric Binding Love Universal Cuffs" on it. The side says the same and also has the Cal Exotics logo on it. The other side has information about the materials and Cal Exotics. The back has the name of the product once again, and a photo of just the cuffs. Below it is a short description of the product and a web address for product registration.

  • Personal comments:

    If you're looking to start with restraint play but don't want to invest in expensive cuffs or start off with something that's overly constricting, the Tantric Cuffs offer a good alternative to more traditional cuffs. They allow the user to experiment with restraint play with the reassurance of being able to quickly get out of the situation if s/he decides that it's uncomfortable. These cuffs are best suited for the beginner.

    There's also a place for these if you're looking for cuffs for a sensual evening. The black cuffs accented with red ribbons are a beautiful visual. Even advanced users may like these cuffs just for that reason. It won't be a pair of cuffs that make it into heavy BDSM scenes, but on a light evening the look of these may be motivation to have a pair.

    I'm going with four stars on these as they won't fit everyone and may not appeal to more advanced users.

  • Experience:

    My husband and I are what I would consider intermediate to advanced restraint players. Our normal setup includes heavy duty cuffs with locks. While these cuffs won't be replacing our normal ones anytime soon, I am happy to have them in my arsenal. Sometimes the visual of being bound is just as high a priority as the inability to escape. I do love the way these look on, with the red ribbon cascading over my wrists. I can see myself pulling these out with some red and black lingerie to create an overall look.

  • Other
    Fits up to:
    Any size
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