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The Tantric Satin Ties are a beautiful set of cuffs that mix two great things: sexy with comfort. They're made of a soft satin with plushy inserts that can be worn for long periods of time, and stay there. Though they're not for those who prefer more demanding cuffs, they work perfectly for people who are just lightly getting into BDSM or who prefer softer handcuffs. They're a beautiful pair to own, and make a great accessory to a sultry evening.


Not for those who prefer heavier-duty cuffs, extremely beautiful and luxurious, stay put when in use


Few threads popping out, not for those who prefer heavier-duty cuffs, make noise when moved together

Best use:

These cuffs are the type of cuffs that are great for couples who are into light BDSM or who just enjoy softer, less-strain cuffs. They're extremely plushy and comfortable, but have a good hold. The Tantric Satin Ties are made for lighter cuff play and though they are a tough pair, they shouldn't be used for suspension or more hardcore submission or abuse. Those who enjoy more extreme play, like myself, might not prefer this pair because they're not heavy-duty at all—they're for lighter play; they're soft and cute.

To use, simply wrap each cuff around your partner's wrists or ankles, firmly pressing the Velcro together so that the cuffs stay put. After they're both placed, take the clasp and attach it to the D-ring on the opposite cuff.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The Tantric Satin Ties have a lovely, sexy look to them that go great paired with a lingerie or "special" time set. I personally feel that they're a more feminine-, submissive-looking set, but others may disagree me. Though they're plushy, they have a sultry look to them with the scarlet red, satin fabric and laced-up ribbon—a very beautiful addition to a great time with your partner. The sewing that puts these pieces together is done perfectly, and the satin is very smooth on the wrists. However, the plush and satin, when moved against each other, make a scratchy noise that isn't very pleasing. Though this shouldn't be a problem when in use, they are a bit noisy.

    These cuffs are actually sized more like ankle cuffs—they're even a bit big for my partner's ankles on the smallest fitting. In other words, they're cut with a lot of give, so I doubt that anyone should really have a problem with these fitting them (except for those who are smaller). What I don't like about the use of Velcro is that if you're anywhere above the smallest fitting, you'll have the scratchy part of the Velcro rubbing against your wrists, which will really hurt after a while of use.

    Ranges from about 4½ " to about 13" for each wrist cuff, but the ideal size, without any overlap, is 10".

    As an aside, on one of the cuffs, there is a tag that says "MADE IN CHINA". It can easily be removed with a seam ripper if it bothers you, or can be ripped off. Personally, I will use my seam ripper—it doesn't look too nice where it is.

    Metal / Polyester
    Material safety
    Black / Red
    9 1/2"
    2 1/4"
  • Performance:

    Personally, I tend to prefer metal handcuffs that lock in place, that hurt when rubbed against your wrists enough—not soft, plushy, Velcroed cuffs that are made for comfort. But these cuffs, though they are what I tend to not prefer in a pair, are beautiful, work well, and come with the necessary parts. Since they're cut to fit practically anyone, you can also use these "hand"cuffs as ankle cuffs if you'd like to.

    These are easy to put on, take no time at all, and will stay in place through even heavy struggling. (Yes, oddly, they do! I was quite surprised.) Make sure that when you're putting them on someone or yourself that you press the Velcro together tightly. This will make them stay on for longer periods, and resist more movement.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    If they become dirtied by anything, do take a lightly damp towel and just brush it over them. These are something very difficult to clean because of the plush and satin mix, so if by any chance you get something on them, you can put a little detergent or soap rubbed into the towel and clean them that way. When finished, leave them out to dry—do not put them in drawers or closets when they need to be dried! If you're worried about someone seeing them, putting them on bathroom counters works fine.

  • Packaging:

    The cuffs come in a plastic container as shown in the pictures. It isn't anything made for beautiful presentation or aesthetics, it simply works for what it's made for. Though I prefer my products to come in lovely casing, what they're in works fine.

    The pictures, however, on the plastic packaging are a bit misleading and do the set no justice—the ties are a much deeper, scarlet red that look much better than how they're displayed on the box and in their photos.

  • Personal comments:

    This cuff set will look great with the Corset Style Babydoll Set—they fit together so beautifully, a perfect match. I love the pairing of the two, and they make for a wonderful, sweet evening.

    My set had a few threads sticking out that worried me, but they should be fine when used. If yours do too: make sure that you do not trap the loose threads inside of the Velcro! This will cause your cuffs to rip and tear and they will be unusable.

  • Other
    One size fits most
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
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