Tao of Sexual Massage – how to make your touch gentle and caring

Tao of Sexual Massage Book by Simon & Schuster Books
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Massage is a simple way for couples to awaken their desire and bring more intimacy and passion to their love life. The Tao of Sexual Massage shows how to master the techniques that will make your touch both tender and titillating. Now revised in a beautiful new format, The Tao of Sexual Massage offers step-by-step guidance, illustrated with 140 brand new line drawings, plus full-color photographs. Based on the traditional Taoist commitment to a peaceful, natural, and healthy way of life, this book describes how erotic massage enhances orgasm, improves sexual self-esteem, relieves stress and promotes good health, brings hours of exciting, loving pleasure, strengthens love and commitment between a couple.

Stephen Russell is trained in aikido and Chinese medicine, as well as psychotherapy, and he teaches tai chi and Taoist yoga. He lives in London.

Jurgen Kolb combines his knowledge of yoga, Taoism, breath work, massage, and other mind-body practices in his work as a therapist in London and California.

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      This book is about spiritually connecting with your partner through massage and it helps to focus on your body and use the healing powers of touch.It was a good book to me since I love yoga and meditation and the techniques are sort of similar in context. If you are not into meditation steer clear from this book you won't like it.

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