The Art of Oral Loving – learn the art of oral stimulation

The Art of Oral Loving DVD by Sinclair
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Oral loving is a sensual way for couples to extend their sexual boundaries. It can create a physical, emotional and spiritual bond as intimate and pleasurable as "traditional" intercourse. The key is communication and trust, learning how to give and receive.

11 couples guide you through oral loving practices guaranteed to spark your imagination, expand your expertise and inspire your sexual creativity. Explore the techniques needed to master cunnilingus and fellatio-- you just might find an intimacy unlike anything you've ever known.

Respected clinical psychologist and educator Dr. Lori Buckley provides expert advice to help you add excitement, awaken passion and connect with your lover.

There are no limits to your sexual creativity and artistry. Watch and learn through The Art of Oral Loving. Uncover the secrets to being the best lover you can be, for yourself, and your partner

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    45 minutes
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    Sinclair Institute

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