The Best Bachelorette Party Book – the right book for hosting a great Bachelorette party

The Best Bachelorette Party Book Book
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More fun activities, recipes, decorating hints, gift ideas, and planning tips than any other party book.

This all-inclusive book contains information on how to plan and host a great bachelorette party, plus great games, activities, and recipes. It includes the kind of spicy fun ideas that bachelorette partygoers are looking for, such as:

- Fun Party Themes; rubber bash, get lei-d, striptease, and find the heart-on.

- Entertaining Games; pin the privates on the pinup, we're looking for a few good men, bimbo, hung man, and video scavenger hunt.

- Embarassing Bridal Attire; rubber-made train, design-her-a-gown, and colorful condom corsage.

- Tasty Recipes and Drinks; better-than-sex cake, horny party mix, who-took-my-cherry dessert, screaming orgasm, and slippery nipple.

- Gift Ideas; panty rose, x-rated fortune cookies, and boyfriend-in-a-bag.

Becky Long is a special-event planner and retired bridesmaid. She has also written "Something Old, Something New: 701 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding."

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