California Exotic The Eva - Animal love doll from California Exotic

The Eva Animal love doll by
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  • The Eva - Animal love doll
  • The Eva - Animal love doll
  • The Eva - Animal love doll
  • The Eva - Animal love doll
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The sheep is on top Inflatable Party Sheep designed to be the friend you've always needed, the love you have always dreamed of. It's the little lamb you can love and will love you back. For all your sheep loving friends - bring out the beast in them. For centuries men the world over have known that a sheep is the next best thing to a woman. It is soft, sexy, and disease free!

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UPC: 716770005298

  • Properties

    Special Features:
    • Inflatable
    • Kinky

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    • dude love
      dude love
      Baa baa Black sheep, have you any wool? No sir no sir, but I have a pussy hole. Once for the Master and once for the farmhand and once for the little boy who wants to get laid
    • Zach 320/250-8042
      Zach 320/250-8042
      This is the sexiest black b**** I've been with. Any sexy girls or guys! that are interested in having some barn-yard fun with me, give me a holla on my cell.
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