The French Maid – getting the twisted male fantasy in bed

The French Maid Book by Broadway Books
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In The French Maid, male sexual fantasy is taken to new heights by combining erotic storytelling with powerful sexual techniques. This explicit handbook tell women exactly what to say and do to be their sexiest selves in bed. Each sinful fantasy provides plot, dialog, and complete directions for consummating the wickedest bedroom scenes ever - no costumes or props required. Inside, you will find classics like "The French Maid" and "The Naughty Babysitter" alongside newly imagined romps like "The Mail-Order Bride" and "Camping Trip." THe French Maid's all-play, no-work approach lets any woman effortlessly bring her men's secret fantasies to life. Surprise and arouse him tonight.

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    Don and Debra Macleod
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    Broadway Books
    Publication date:
    2005 year
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    8 1/4"
    5 1/2"

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    • Dame Demi
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.5/10

      The French Maid is a good choice for the more timid or under-equipped, who want to seduce their men through suggestive narratives; however, it also offers some great suggestions for fantasy scenarios for the more adventurous and prepared!

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